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Comparing this to credit decisions in the housing bubble are not fair. The approach to how people qualify is the only somewhat similar comparison. Also it's a gross assumption to state that people with good credit will subsidize. Threre is sure to already be a default rate anyway. And there could be across the board slight bump in a rate. But at the end of the day is more subscribers and better revenue and likely a better investment. Also we do know that service can be...
This is definitely something that had been happening in the mortgage industry when Congress pressed Fannie Mae to make banks give loans to people with alternative credit - and income. Like people without banking accounts and credit scores. I believe that extended to other industries - there is an alternative credit scoring industry based now on how you manage credit cards, but on how you pay your bills.   Let's face it. Many people are just not good with credit. They are...
I think I'd prefer watches that did not rely on a phone, but were limited to what made sense for a self-sufficient phone.   For instance, current watches do quite a bit within the limits of a watch can do, such as count your steps maybe, tell the time, timers.   Maybe for future watches, have health sensors, if feasible. Not really so necessary. GPS, as some watches do.   Message alerts from phones, of course. Maybe make calls. Maybe.   What else would you want...
There goes the battery?
Great points here. MS will need some hook to make money off of Windows X. I mean Win10.   Hopefully, they didn't dig themselves into a hole on that one.   Maybe Windows is already making so little money? Not a lot from corporate users? Maybe they simply had no choice.   Well, it's interesting news, to be sure. The tech world has been full of surprises the last few years.
 The reviews are not kind. http://store.apple.com/uk/reviews/ME291ZM/A/lightning-to-usb-cable-05m
1. It's good to access to the same map service from any device, not just Apple hardware, whether on my Windows PC for work, MacBook or Chromebook.2. Trails should be on their list. It was on Google's list and they have it nailed. I haven't reported this to Apple. I'm sure they can scrape data from all of the other users posting to their forums. It's probably not a priority with Maps so far behind.3. Specific/"guessing". I type in DOL  into Maps. Gives me the chamber of...
For myself at least I'm very gentle with the cables and mine fell apart after a few months. I feel that if I pay $900 for a phone then the cable should last awhile. On the other hand, the headphones are nearly indestructible.
Baby steps....rich baby, tho!
Relatively speaking, the 27" iMac is a phone compared to our 73" (small now) Mitsubishi home theater system.
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