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AT&T will always be one of these former monopolies that's really bad for consumers - I don't think they will ever change. God forbid you even try to see how much a plan would cost you on AT&T. I've tried and you have to enter in your phone number for porting and so on and even then you can't get the price lists for family plans and whatnot. With T-Mo they are very upfront about cost and you can actually read and understand the bills. We used to be with AT&T and the ONLY...
Can someone recommend an antenna? Amazon Basics?
Cramming through the updates at Cupertino? Like the latest iOS update which has a lot of problems, like not being able to connect to wifi networks (rebooting iOS device helps).   All software, of course, has bugs, but this is one they shouldn't have let happen, particularly for a new product.
It's more than web browsing, as the posts here can confirm. A Chromebook can do pretty much anything a "regular" computer can do.
Well, 10% is okay, I think. It's still cheaper to have 5+ computer than 1 MacBook - at least for schools. I've had my $100 one (refurbished, after $20 rebate) for over a year and it works great. It's my everyday computer. 
Apparently, the Chromebooks are far better than iPads (if there is a comparison) for administrators in schools. Also, multiple logins and so on.   The $199 HP Stream looks like a good choice for schools, but runs Windows and we know about the security issues and all of that and the cost there.   Chromebooks are great for schools and our district recently bought thousands of them.
The problem with Apple is that it is turning into Microsoft of old. Trying to take on too much too fast with crappy results. Lots of problems. And not supporting YouTube on apple tv 2? Inexcusable. http://www.idigitaltimes.com/ios-83-problems-fix-issues-wi-fi-disconnecting-icloud-storage-photos-out-order-433712
Looks good.
The problem is perception. It seems that Apple is too focused on one product for profit.
PE is a meaningless measure. You can't use it to predict anything.   Apple is now priced at what people will pay for it. Perfect example of supply and demand and cost.
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