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I wonder how many iPads they have for testing. ALSO, can an install of one app affect another? Are these iPads unlocked? Is there any kind of control over the iPads so that they are used solely for flight information only? What if Jeppeson had tested the app on 20 iPads and found no problems? Also, are they using the right OS's? Many questions. Will be interesting to find out what happened. If it was a particular iOS that wasn't tested with the Jeppeson software.
We had Comcast (shared with others) for TV and internet. One day, Comcast threatened to off our internet for exceeding the limits, because we were all watching Netflix and whatnot. Then they turned of our internet and we were banned for a year or two. We dropped Comcast completely and we went internet only to Frontier FIOS. Never went back. Luckily we had an option. Comcast abuses its power.
Well, a lot of channels, via cable companies, are likely subsidizing less profitable ones.   I believe the US government was concerned about diversity of channels - or lack thereof. It may be that the cable companies may have to carry less profitable or no profit channels. They do carry public access and government channels by law in probably all markets.   There are niche channels that could benefit from a little subsidizing.
Yes, you could see them suing web sites for reporting what is true?
You have to go somewhere for the news that the so-called liberal media doesn't report. Such as all of the issues along the US border with Mexico and the other aspects of illegal immigration and amnesty, along with the Clinton foundation shenanigans. You can glean a lot of news by going to different news sites. Can't always trust the Gray Lady NYT - they are just as off the charts as Drudge.
The problem may be that Apple is asking for it when its executives prance around and talk about perfection and high quality. Kind of like the pretty person in high school who puts on airs and shows their good grades to everyone.  For right or wrong, that behavior is going to attract the wrong attention. People will be looking for issues. I mean, people on this discussion board do the same thing about Samsung and Microsoft and Wall Street analysts. Didn't someone today say...
Hopefully, this will help their app store. I recently bought a Dell Venue 8 tablet that runs full Windows. There is not one decent ePub eReader app in their app store. And no basic reading PDF app. There is Foxit Reader. What I have been reading is that Windows 10 users are running Android apps in Windows (there are several ways to do this). I'm sure MS wants people to keep that quiet.   Anyway, MS SHOULD have kept their RT software for tablets and phones. Full Windows...
You will need to share with us the source of all of the final information on Apple's services and costs and how they compare with a Time Warner package. Did you sign an NDA?
If people are long on stocks they own, why do they worry about what someone says or is reported day to day?   And people want their stock prices to go up, but are upset when they are low when they are likely cheaper to buy.
It would be nice to have one that has power-through. The storage is there, while a cable continues out to power.
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