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Basically, Apple has gotten a lot bigger, so Ive will move up and far more is delegated out to other designers.    Nothing special. Please move along now.
It's hard to say if MS has been the Titanic that hit the iceberg. It's going to be a huge miracle for MS to gain any traction in phones and tablets. They might do okay with the surface. I would love to have a Windows phone, but the apps are not there and they are not going to happen. GOD FORBID you go to the MS site and see Lumia 530, 540, 640, 1030, 6420, and so on and so forth. The BIG PROBLEM for MS is that, although the have massive talent to get stuff done, they...
Greatest game ever (Mac Missiles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir8H0NuPZRU
Both Apple and Google, in my experience, have their failings. One time I was trying to find my daughter's office. Google Maps had me walk around a park and stop at a bus stop. That was her office? Apple maps was spot on. Another time was finding auto repair in town. Apple was far and away more accurate (up to date, that is).   However, there are other times when Google is a lot better. Google "guesses" your search, just like their regular search, and generally find what...
Another great thing about T-Mo is no shared data. You can't share data with a teenager. Add in 2 teenagers and you will have no data.   I like that on T-Mo we each have 2.5 GB, then throttled. So still data, but slow after 2.5.   Some of us don't need a lot of data all of the time. We do all of our downloading of podcasts and so on at home on wifi. The rest of the day when we are out and about, we have free (on T-Mo) streaming music and we have the occasional website...
AT&T will always be one of these former monopolies that's really bad for consumers - I don't think they will ever change. God forbid you even try to see how much a plan would cost you on AT&T. I've tried and you have to enter in your phone number for porting and so on and even then you can't get the price lists for family plans and whatnot. With T-Mo they are very upfront about cost and you can actually read and understand the bills. We used to be with AT&T and the ONLY...
Can someone recommend an antenna? Amazon Basics?
Cramming through the updates at Cupertino? Like the latest iOS update which has a lot of problems, like not being able to connect to wifi networks (rebooting iOS device helps).   All software, of course, has bugs, but this is one they shouldn't have let happen, particularly for a new product.
It's more than web browsing, as the posts here can confirm. A Chromebook can do pretty much anything a "regular" computer can do.
Well, 10% is okay, I think. It's still cheaper to have 5+ computer than 1 MacBook - at least for schools. I've had my $100 one (refurbished, after $20 rebate) for over a year and it works great. It's my everyday computer. 
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