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A lot of people don't care. Spendthrifts. They only want to know what kind of payments they have to make. Greater than 60% of the US population is not good with money. It's like going to a car dealer to buy a car. All you hear is from the salesman, "What payments are you looking at?" The focus is on payments and not the real cost. They are targeting the person who only thinks of their immediate concern and can't think past the next month. Forget long-term. A budget...
We bought the 1st gen mini this summer when Target and Best Buy had them for $199. It was the magic price point. Over that was too high.  Wouldn't mind the retina mini, but Apple has kept tablets in the luxury realm for most buyers - whether they can't afford it or don't want to pay that price. If you are going to read books and have the occasional game, the device should not be expensive. Not when you can get a laptop for the same price or cheaper than an iPad. Going back...
Who cares if they copy? Samsung is going to have a sucky version that they pull out of their rear ends putting in one tenth of the Apple effort.
AApple's planned obsolescence. Clearly and obviously.
 Apple seems pretty firm about values of shipping stuff that's not junk ("We couldn't build a laptop under $500 that wasn't junk"). Or is it okay to sell overpriced stuff that's not great? I've always felt that Apple retained certain values of quality and reasonably priced products for what you get. Maybe that doesn't extend to accessories, like 30 cent iPad covers that sell for $40 (or whatever) or 30 cent iPhone cases that sell for $40. Overpriced accessories are for...
I don't feel Apple is providing value here. Just a guess and probably right.   I feel Apple is cashing in on its name, when it could have sold good headphones for a lot less than $300.
"Regular" consumer headphones shouldn't cost $300. I could see pros in the music business needing good headphones for creating music. But consumers?   We use our standard Apple headphones and they are really good for us.   Most people shouldn't need headphones that cost more than $100 or even $200.   Will there be a matching $999 Apple Watch to go with those? Wouldn't be surprised.   Thanks Apple for high margins!
Jobs was always misleading people. Maybe big phones were what he wanted, but the tech wasn't there for what he wanted.   He was the ultimate deceiver, but people will hang on every word he would say.
Funny to see that they are still selling it via their website for $199 (and that may very well be the carrier lock-in) But MS is still selling Windows RT tablets on the same page as the Windows 8 tablet. Pretty sad, because both tablets look like they run the same software and MS has abandoned RT. That's MS for you:  1) Abandonware  2) So big and bureaucratic that their software isn't very consumer friendly.
World domination.   Ping is coming back in another incarnation.
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