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The iMacs were not ready. They often have delays to ramping up after announcing product.
That's cool of Schiller. So Android is ahead then, because iOS feels two years old (or more).   Which is more stale: iOS or Android?   Schiller is starting to sound like Steve Ballmer. Don't focus on great products. Just diss the competition.   Of course, Steve Jobs dissed the competition, but he was good at it. He seemed to be able to get away with it.
If this is Apple, I would assume they are trying to reach the bargain shoppers who would only buy something at a certain price and still market to the regular crowds who will pay regular prices.   I have a Mitsubishi 73" plasma TV that I got for a song. I got it through Dell Home. However, if you look other places, you will pay more. Depends on where you look.   P  
Chrome is awesome. I cringe when Safari opens on a link. I wish we could make a default browser a choice of our own.
http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2012/01/25/british-regulator-fines-einhorn-in-insider-trading-case/   Maybe Einhorn needs the money to pay off this:   Greenlight Capital to Pay $11 Million Fine in Insider Case
I hear Google has hardly done squat with Moto Mobility since they bought them.
I like Pandora, but I feel that the range of what I hear on stations is better on Spotify.   Even though I paid the annual $36 for Pandora, I usually use the free Spotify.   The advantage of Pandora is that it is web-based (no app), so I can run it at work.   The Spotify iPhone app interface could use some work. But it's okay.
Irony is all too often when people should say coincidence. I guess people want to feel crafty and make their article interesting, even though they are using the wrong word. In fact, it seems that "coincidentally" is going out of style people are opting for "ironically."
I refuse to use Apple maps. I was traveling in Oregon to find a town and Apple Maps was off by 15 miles!   I was at the Washington Department of Licensing near Seattle and I searched "DOL" and it gave me some place in Anacortes, about 2 hours away. Inside the DOL I typed Department of Licensing and it gave me the DOL in a town 75 miles away from me.   Google Maps was spot on.   Apple: Please let us set default apps on our iPhones. I want all my searches and links to bring...
Coworker bought a Kindle Fire for his wife and she doesn't use it.   I bought an Archos tablet and used it for awhile, but it was pretty crappy. This was about 2 or 3 years ago.   Another coworker uses his Kindle Fire for consumption.   My Archos went in a closet and I got an iPad (refurbished). Then the Archos battery bloated and destroy the Archos. The Archos was okay for reading. There were very few apps useful on it. I could not access the Google store....
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