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How do we know? Does Best Buy have those margins? I would think not, but I don't know.   I wonder if Apple is lowering prices for awhile. Test the waters.   Surprised by prices these days on Apple stuff. I've got a MacBook Pro, myself.
Very interesting post. Alarmist, but interesting. Yes, I was wondering about the subsidies going away. And Apple will be in a lurch. Tech moves fast now. My teenage daughter says that her and other teenagers don't use FB very much anymore. They are switching to other communication tools. FB is kind of a one trick pony.
Careful with assumptions, however I know what you mean in terms of tendencies. I'm close to 50 and 90% electronic iPhone, MacBook and Nook for news, music, and books. 10% is for books I can't get electronic. I don't care for paper books. I'm biased against them. And I switched to digital cameras 15 years ago. My work, as an analyst, is all electronic. I hardly ever print anything.
I stopped using Siri. It was more problem free to type a question to Google rather than have Siri misunderstand me. Too frustrating.  
Good luck to RIM for success.  
Probably a code name for a new, bigger phone and maybe misheard or mistranslated.   I want a bigger iPhone. I tried using mine last night to track stocks and do other stuff and I'm seeing that the iPhone is too small for me. Since I don't use it all that much for calls, I want something like a Dell Streak. A phone that is more of a small tablet.   And no, I won't buy and iPad mini. I want at least 32 MB of memory and LTE and Apple (are you listening Apple?) are GOUGING...
I agree and disagree. I more disagree. You might end up delaying a full year, passing on current gen. I think we will get used to regular updates. Because stuff might not sell that well for the quarter preceding an annual model. That's 3 months of lost savings.   I bet a lot of the updates will not be that big if it is semi-annual.   Now, a thinner iPad and a retina mini is a big update.   Other updates woudl be faster processors, and maybe little better screens (with...
Yes, he did not say "cheaper". He said "cheap"!   I bet they can make a decent phone for $300 and make a hefty profit. Their margins are already excellent on their current iPhone 5.   They will have to have a "cheaper" phone to address most of the world that can't afford an expensive phone. And anyone is better off with expensive product.   Google did it! (I know, it's not LTE).   Stuff always gets cheaper. My MacSE cost my $2500 (on sale, no hard drive). 20 meg HD on a...
Totally agree. While I don't care for the cheap feel of the Samsung, I do like the screen. It's hard to do anything on my iPhone 4S. And the iPhone 5 ain't all that better. Really.   Just make another larger phone, Apple.   I'm sure they will.
You have to do something when the vast majority of the world cannot afford your phone. I don't think they mean "low-end". They mean "reasonably affordable".   What's the point of the best if you end up with only 1% of the world market in the end? You can't always have "best."   BTW, the iPhone 5 could have been better and far more expensive. Where do you draw the line?   As it stands, I hate walking around with a phone that costs $799 to replace. That's a lot of money.
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