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Still, 45 million is double what Apple sells in Macs. So...that's not too bad.   Yes, once you get a big screen phone and already have a computer...it's hard to see where the iPad fits in 90% of the time. For some people, their phone is their computer 100% of the time.   (With that said, and iPad is a great computer for a lot of people, so combo phone/iPad can easily be their setup. Most people do not need a full-fledged computer. An iPad or a Chromebook would be just...
Fair enough. My gripes are more with iOS. Such as search sometimes not working. Or you rotate your phone and the screen doesn't rotate. Podcasts not working for auto downloads. And so on. I just realized I don't use my Mac much anymore.
Agreed. Many of us like that. In our case we only have Apple TV and nothing else except the web on other devices.
Only on iCloud? Can use other backup services?   Probably.
Of course, if cable prices were lower, then everyone could or would have cable and...that would provide enough income to the providers.   There must be something we are missing in that equation. Maybe it is not cost-effective for everyone to have cable. The maintenance problem and outages and dealing with that and dealing with customers would probably be huge. Anyone in the industry or similar industry know why?   And it wouldn't have to be a monopoly issue if everyone...
Netflix and Amazon are starting to undo the cable industry. This won't help us all in the near-term, but in the long-term, we shall see more decentralization of television.   It's good that there are more streaming options out there - devices and services. There are cheap video services (TV/movies) out there in the rest of the world that seem to do just fine.   The AppleTV is still a closed device, unfortunately. For many of us, it's a glorified Netflix player that we...
The people I know who have Verizon have it because of the coverage - they don't have a choice because of where they live. I used to have AT&T until T-Mo got the iPhone and I needed to cut costs. And AT&T is a sleazy corporation that I loathe. T-Mo is just fine and I like their plans and their billing statements. And it's easy to get a hold of customer service and have them fix any issue you have. T-Mo doesn't feel like "mega-corp."
Seth Rogan looks too serious in that shot.   I don't think Woz was ever like that.  He doesn't come across that way. He comes across as a goofball engineer who is geek to the bone in a child-like way and likes to tinker around.      
I think Walt Disney looked like Tom Hanks. That's what I remember. That little pencil mustache. Or...maybe it was John Waters?
Ha ha. They are probably tired of dealing with it and want to put it behind them. Maybe someone owes Sorkin a favor.
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