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They don't use crowdsource data like Google. Google is the king at guessing and offering suggestion based on past user input.
Here is what I see problems with Apple Maps (some of the top of my head):   1. Apple is proprietary - I don't believe they have a web-based map like Google to use on any computer. Now it is iOS or OS X. 2. Lack of trails tracking - We have a nice interurban trail near my house. Apple Maps doesn't know about it. Google is much better at routes and alternative routes. 3. Apple search is focused on specificity (Google is the opposite: more like guessing). So, if you don't...
I consider my 6 Plus to be an iPad mini mini with cellular capability. It's less of a phone and more of a tablet.Yes I first returned it for being too big and got the 6 then couldn't live with the tiny screen on the regular 6.Compromises one way or another. Choose wisely.
Maybe. The latest OS X runs like a dog on a 2009 MacBook Pro. Not sure how current A chips compare though.Hopefully they fix the Yosemite and iOS 8 mess of bugs and issues first and stop cranking out endless features every year.
People thought the PPC and the AIM (Apple IBM Motorola) alliance were going to rule the world. Then nothing pretty much happened. THANK GOD Steve Jobs had PLAN B. Oh, well. Life goes on.
Also need multiple view settings in iOS. Only two for the iPHone 6 Plus: regular and zoom. There should be a list view for apps.   Also, be able to move screens around, hold and press and move. I currently have a screen for types of apps: reading, cloud, camera, art, education, games. Very manual to manage these apps, in particular if you get a new phone or may need to flatten and reload.   Gave up on search working and refuse to reboot to get it to work...
Any company that fights what is obviously a problem will have a situation that backfires. Simply because of this issue that they are not acknowledging, I'm reluctant to buy another Mac and just hold onto the 2009 model, that, while slow, does work and is reliable.  In today's day and age, everyone has access to information. Stories of issues will hit the news pretty quickly and people will hear about it. Why buy a Mac when there is a problem with some or one of their...
It wouldn't matter if high end users migrated: They would have two machines, and they would keep their Macs for home use and Windows for work.\ If the high end market is only 5% of the sales, why let that hold you back? Just playing devil's advocate here. What if... Just have two platforms. Mac OS X and iOS laptops and so on. They you'd keep your Mac OS X people and wean most of the Windows users off that platform. Most iOS users use Windows.
iOS is the mass market. Windows apps that are Windows only are the niche now.   Apple is a mass market company.   Most people probably use an iOS device now and most of them are probably Windows users, not that that makes a difference.   iOS has the leverage.    Although we have Mac, Windows and Chromebook, our entire family uses iOS primarily (iPhone & iPad).   In fact, an iPhone 6+ could be your overall primary computer. Add a keyboard and you have your mobile...
Maybe they just might make a laptop out of an iPad. That would make things simple.
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