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My niece has a Kindle tablet and she likes it for reading and surfing. To each their own.
Yes, I was constantly getting dropped calls on my iPhone 4.   Settlement is a token payment.
Bingo. Great article. If the iPhone 4 only costs $200 or so to make (guessing here), then if they sell it for $300, they are making their typical profits.   Prices for technological products always come down, of course. Even for Apple. Its their game to lose or win. And winning doesn't mean more than 50 percent share. And losing could be a 10 percent share. 30 would be healthy - worldwide.   The rest of the world loves the iPhone, too, but it's more than a months...
Apple seems so slow now. Pretty sad. The thing I disliked about Goodreads is that the Nook is not recognized on their site when you put a review or currently reading. Kindle is there, though! If you have Nook, you have to select "Other reader" or some such thing.   Don't use iBooks, Prefer Barnes and Noble store and Amazon. iBooks doesn't have the appeal to me for some reason. Don't like the bookshelf concept.  
They could be working on the apps they have neglected and need work. Numbers is one of them, based on what I've read.
Ah, great post.   Apple is missing a tech visionary. Tim Cook is not a visionary.   No vision, no go.   Insanely great is now gone and the next insanely great leader for Apple needs to be found.   A tech leader and not a manager, like Tim. Although you need both.
Great, that's 110%!   Why didn't they talk to low-income who will end up with cheaper Android phone or feature phone?   The results can appear skewed.
On the other hand, I've recently been "Microsoft'ed".   I installed a new harddrive in my MacBook Pro and I went to restore Office 2011. The install said I'd already used the product key. I called MS, and they said I'd have to buy Office again. I know, there was a big stink about this with Office 2013 and MS relented, but good luck with their support helping you get your situation fixed. I've called 5 times and still have not gotten a solution.   Then I went to use my 25...
Apple is an atypical and unpredictable company. They will make changes based on the market changes.   For a company to survive, they need to adapt to the market, not their dogma.   And Apple's not dogmatic. Like killing off popular products, like iPod versions and the iBooks.   And who says they will follow the "S" for every other year?   P
Ah, an elitist. We are not all ignorant. Some of us have advanced degrees in information technology and work in information architecture and do like to shop there. It's your standard middle-class store, so you are right about people being ignorant, and its not the shoppers...but those making insulting comments.
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