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If Google wasn't doing fine, they they'd change their strategy. I assume Google and Android are doing just fine, even with smaller profits. They have the market and now they have far more customer data than Apple. That's their model and that seems to be fine with Google and its customers?Google Android and Apple sounds like apples and oranges. Apple is going for hardware profits and Google is going for information profits - selling info on customers. Right or wrong, creepy...
Funny, how Apple is being more like Microsoft has been as it gets bigger and MS is getting more like Apple and Google as it becomes more platform agnostic. Seems the more you are the top dog in certain markets, you can do as you please - until you can't. No problem. Apple doesn't have to be the best and most useful for everything. Or they are just focusing where they can now and limit their offerings to get more right rather than less right.
Ha ha
Everyone has patents on almost the same stuff.  Copycats in the sense that maybe they are doing something about displays now that everyone else is in the game. Anyway, Apple is a copycat company, as we all know. It's just that they take existing ideas and implementations and make them much better is it seems like every case. Kind of like the larger iPad that's purported to come out later this year. If they do...I would consider that a copycat act of aping what MS has...
Of course, students can get Office 365 for free:     http://www.microsoft.com/education/ww/StudentAdvantage/Pages/hed-install.aspx     Or the simpler version for free via your Live.com account. 
That is nuts. How can you refuse?
How many people are not going to buy, because the watch will be constantly updated every year? But plenty will buy. Suppose they will sell used for a good resale value.
Google Maps is vastly better with real pictures, street view, and the fact that the pin for the tower is not the parking lot, like it is with Apple Maps. Fake flyovers are nothing compared to the real think, unless you prefer pretty animation style views.
Apple is shortsighted on where they concentrate their efforts for what is practical and useful.
New Posts  All Forums: