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The problem is perception. It seems that Apple is too focused on one product for profit.
PE is a meaningless measure. You can't use it to predict anything.   Apple is now priced at what people will pay for it. Perfect example of supply and demand and cost.
Spotify is awesome. We used the free version and it is great.
Makes perfect sense. I never saw how good it was for a high-margin corporation to get into low-margin commodities.
Ha, as my daughter said, GW is full of ass-clowns, for the most part.   "Welcome To The Machine" Pink Floyd.   This after the China propaganda machine tour.   Computers for the rest of us? It used to be so.
Lower-priced pricing tiers would be helpful. Rdio seems to have caught on. And more lower-priced family tiers. Different product offerings.   Why? Because most people are not going to pay for most of their music.   Rdio seems pretty good and reasonable.   These big corporations need to clue in that say, a family of 5 is not going to be paying for $9.99 each per month for music service. And most people don't want premium, they want something like terrestrial...
Troll alert which is me. Several times this weekend tried to use my iPhone 6+. Photos went into blur mode and had to force quit photo app. Don't trust it anymore. Overall photo app is flaky as all get out.
P/E ratio is  a meaningless measure in regards to stock price. In and of itself.
Apple will probably be at about 50%, which is just fine for competition and a healthy ecosystem.
The AWatch could be a threat. We don't know. At this point, pretty much no threat. Most people don't seem to really care. 
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