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This type of thing seems to be her behavior. Have a look:   http://fortune.com/2013/08/14/the-curious-case-of-apple-ebook-judge-denise-cote/   "Here’s a sample of what lawyers who have appeared before her — writing anonymously for obvious reasons — have posted: Judge Cote has a bubbly style but it masks an inclination toward pre judging issues, including deciding early on who the good guy is and who the bad guy is and ruling accordingly. Judge Cote predetermines...
The Chromebooks are great. I use one everyday. Cheap and good. Good for schools. Most students don't need a MacBook Air/Pro.
  I only have a certificate in GIS (Geographical Information Systems). Mapping accurately is hard, especially when your data comes from multiple sources. There is not a right or wrong to all of this. I only wished that Apple had waited to come out with something a little better. Maps was fine when Apple built the interface on top of Google Maps. I wish Apple
Apple has billions of dollars and they should spend that on their own street view feature.
Although I have found Apple Maps to be accurate and Google Maps to be inaccurate in two cases, I still use Google Maps.   I like Street View. Also, for Thailand, Google Maps is mature and Apple Maps is a joke.   Apple should stick to its core competencies. They should not be in the map business. Mapping is not an easy thing to do.
I've been using Apple products since the Apple II. I'm not a troll and I will call it like it is.Safari is bleh...Chrome is way better.In IOS 8 will we be able to set Chrome or other browser as a default? Safari is bleh on iOS also. Worse, even.
Sounds like Apple needed a streaming service, and were not up to stuff to buy one. Just like Dropbox was approached for their cloud storage. Or all of the dozens of companies Apple (and other companies) buy. Does it really need to make money? Why not have a loss leader? They didn't seem to pay too much for the streaming part of the business and they had to buy the whole package. I'm sure the headphones will improve and be on par with what they cost in comparison to other...
It's too bad that some people don't appreciate hip hop. Dre is very well-regarded for producing and making great music. The records that he produces are very highly polished (in a good way). It's very good music. I could be wrong, like a former coworker said, and music must have guitars.  Even if one does not care for a particular brand of music, that's not to say it's not music or not good music. I'm not a big fan of "new" Country music (won't dial it up), but it's often...
Why not. Nobody thought Apple could move to Intel because of the technical issues (big endian, little endian topic). And they did - seamlessly.    To me, over 35 years, Apple is a company that performs miracles.    And why not move on, as someone said? This is the world of tablets now.    In our household, we all had MacBooks over the years.   Now we have one MacBook, iPhones, Kindle Fires (great device, BTW), and now I use an Acer Chromebook (awesome laptop). We...
Surprised by these number. Seems only Amazon tablets seem to get a lot of praise.   Of course, the cheaper the tablet, the worse it is.   Many tablets just freeze.   There are two kinds of tablets. Those for productivity/near/sometimes laptop replacement (iPad) and tablets for consumption, excluding the Windows Slate.   The vast majority of tablets are probably the 7" variety used for consumption.   Still, surprised by the numbers based on observed reviews.
New Posts  All Forums: