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That's a premium-hosted business that is reporting this. Android tablet users are probably using Gmail.   But, yeah...hahahahaha
I was skeptical about the mini. I have an original iPad nad I don't care for the weight or heat of the new iPads.   I picked up the mini, played with it for a few minutes and was sold. No, I didn't buy one, but I don't need one right now.   Anyway, the iPad mini is absolutely perfect. Truly a small computer. Amazing.   P  
Just like the survey reported on here earlier this year that an insanely high percentage high school students surveyed were getting iPhones. Well....I asked my daughter who is in high school and she's thinks the survey is wrong. Depending on where you are. We are not in the richest area in the country and a lot of people can't afford family plans with AT&T. They are scratching by with Android for T-Mobile. My sister's family the same way. Not everyone has a lot of...
Wow. Anecdotal, but wow. My classmate is going to buy one next month. The Pro. Can't wait to see his assessment (he may like it).
He needs to compare phones that are on par or somewhat close to iPhone.   I used a totally junky Samsung Android phone in Thailand this year. Not on par. Can't use the app store.
I think we have to face the fact that Apple is a huge company that makes it slow when it comes to software. IOS looks a million years old and you can't change the skins in apps. Also, Safari on iOS is simply not good. Chrome is much better. Why can't I set Chrome as default browser on IOS? Sucks. Also, Safari on Mac is slow. I've done a clean install and sometimes Safari just hangs and won't display an entire web page. I will use Chrome and it opens pages in a flash. iOS...
  I've been an Apple fan about 30 years and I'm irritated sometimes with Apple. Maps - I just wont' use it. I don't trust it. I want Apple's old Google based app back.   Another annoyance: clicking on a link is Apple Mail (Mountain Lion). I get weird error saying the app doesn't know what to do. WTF?????     P
They need to raise revenue.   This is clearly reflected at our university: every student must pay a $140 technology fee each year for Microsoft software (other software is not available for "free").   Up until this past year, MS generously allowed you to download anything it made.    Unfortunately, this year they cut it back to Windows 7 Pro, Win 8 upgrade, MS Office 2010 and MS Office 2011 for Mac. Seems like they need to raise revenue. Make students pay for...
Bingo. I've been saying that for 27 years.
MG Siegler just have a review of the slate. Not good. Not good. Not good.
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