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My work Dell laptops work pretty well. Haven't had a problem, although the screen wiggles a little. But that's after 2 years. Works fine for me. However, I do love my MacBook.   I had an HP laptop, also, and it was junk. But I only paid $250 for it. It worked for the price.
I may do the same.
I would think the Apple keyboard would be just fine. I had one for my iPad. Now it's my AppleTV remote control...
A poke at Apple? That's a stretch.   I thought the ad was jabbing the NFL. Like when the NFL sued fan sites for mentioning their teams and using team logos.  
Intense interest? It sounds like they don't know what to do next, although a lot of people are asking for more content and apps.....   My AppleTV is just my Netflix box. Don't really use it for anything else. It needs to be more like Roku. More content. Where's the Amazon streaming app? Other content apps? Hello?   Apple seems to be getting slower and slower with ideas and innovations and new features in their products. Sad.
I uses Pages for some things, but prefer MS Office on Windows and Mac depending on what I'm doing. If I'm playing with spreadsheets, Office 2010 for Windows is better, although Office 2011 Mac is neat and efficient in other ways.   Microsoft does make good software. Not perfect, but neither is Apple.
I like MS Office 2011. However, I like Office 2010 on Windows better. I'm far more productive (keyboard shortcuts and navigation) with work using Windows 7 and Office 2010. Mac is fine for home use.   Sadly, software does not feel snappy on Mac as it does on Windows. Finder is slow and buggy. It's probably because OS X is old and creaky underneath.   Overall prefer Mac, but Windows has Apple beat in a lot of areas with Windows 7 (let's not talk about Windows 8 - fail).
I've got one of those Apple BT keyboards that should come in handy for Netflix.   Apple really needs to do something with the AppleTV. It's so far less capable than other solutions out there in terms of access to other content. We need apps for Amazon video and Hulu. Other boxes do much more with many more channels.   I still prefer the AppleTV for ease of use, but seriously Apple has not done much with AppleTV. Are they afraid people will use it as a $100 computer?
Apple was suffering pretty badly in the 1990's. They almost lost MS Office. Yes, as your share goes down, you reach a point where you can't likely dig out of a hole. Microsoft and RIM are there right now to struggle to grow share and developer support.   Their margins are too high. Not sure if it is greed, but they can no longer charge what they have charged in the past.   Their iPads with extra ram and LTE are way overpriced. Note, I've been using Apple products for 30...
That is why Samsung is eating Apple's lunch. Maybe $200-250 is too low, but a mid-range phone would be good. I consider all of their phones high-end cost-wise. Sell an unlocked phone for $350-400 and maybe Apple won't lose more market share. Apple is getting hammered. Outside of the US it's going to be 95% Android I bet, over time.
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