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Maybe there will only be limited models of mini, like black or white 16 GB. Possibly they are not selling enough or not enough margin? The regular iPad now looks pretty small.  Eh, the mini will be around, 99% sure. As long as they have there 40% margins on product. Most people use them for reading?
The Slate may fail from competition that has better and cheaper solutions. The Slate is expensive compared to the competition. With that said, the 12" iPad sounds like a niche product that probably isn't needed or wanted by most people. Like the 17" MacBook Pro. Same could be said for all or most iWatches and the Apple Hifi speaker system.
Glad to hear it is "secretive". If it was "secret", we wouldn't have heard about it.   Apple is better at keeping quiet.   It seems since Apple has brought in outside people, they can't double down on secrecy and get people to keep quiet.   Meh.
Time will tell. Some of us didn't see the iPhone as that big of a deal. "I mean, typing on a screen? My current phone works just fine." Who knows, but the watch won't gain traction for a couple of years. There has to also be the killer apps that make it  indispensable. And it has to be iPhone-independent. And it needs to last longer than a day on a battery. Suppose most people will keep their $25 watches that do what they do for what they want them to do and last for...
Ok kids, powder your wigs, shoe your horses and get ready for some real phone fun!
I like how my daughter bought a new Mac and did Time Machine and did a move of her old machine to new. Office would not work. She contacted MS and they told her she'd have to buy Office again, as it wasn't transferable. I suggested she kick MS to the curb and use and open source office suite. Had this problem in grad school when upgrading to a new hard drive. Said needed new license. Or use Office online for free. There are alternatives out there for the vast majority of...
I think their lead designer/architect is Rube Goldberg. It can be daunting to actually use it while saying a few prayers that you can find something. You have to feel for the people who have not been around using software all of their lives try to use iTunes.
Better to wait for the 'S' models.....fine tuned and better still!
How about a Apple "Streetview" like Google Streetview for maps? Yes, better battery technology and putting the money to use. Apple seems to only use the money to prop up stocks. Do they really need to do that? Invest in Space X. Invest in something that will provide return.
New Posts  All Forums: