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P/E ratio is  a meaningless measure in regards to stock price. In and of itself.
Apple will probably be at about 50%, which is just fine for competition and a healthy ecosystem.
The AWatch could be a threat. We don't know. At this point, pretty much no threat. Most people don't seem to really care. 
The watch is a long-term strategy. Maybe in 10 years they will have much of the functionality of a phone without a phone and will be ubitquitious. Who knows. Right now, people are getting too worked up about the A-watch. It's too expensive for most people and they have enough trouble affording a phone. It's a watch for the affluent. So, in that sense, the Swiss maybe better be worried. They just don't have the hardware expertise of Apple for chips and such and even the...
There are terrestrial stations now that don't have DJs and mostly only play music. They are fine to listen to. The fewer the better.
 That is why music services give people the options. I don't mind an ad every once in awhile to break up the constant music. And terrestrial radio as well: most are ad-supported and some are sponsor-supported. If hundreds of millions were willing to pay, why are they not paying Spotify or the others? That would be a lot of money. Most people don't pay and don't want to and are willing (and do) put up with commercials on streaming radio.
Ad-supported can work. It has worked for terrestrial radio for decades.   If they are not making money now, then there are not enough ads.
How do you know I feed and bathe myself? That's a big assumption.Anyway, nothing wrong with forming an opinion, stating it, and defending it with facts. Except here.
I'm just giving my honest feedback based on what' I've seen as a potential customer. I've owned every Apple product, except the Apple I, and including the Newton and the eMate 300, MacSE - almost every laptop and iMac, all iPhones (except the first) and most all iPods.   Anyway, the watch user guide is 96 pages long. https://manuals.info.apple.com/MANUALS/1000/MA1708/en_US/apple_watch_user_guide.pdf   I'm not trying to raise a ruckus. I'd love to own one, but I'd...
Why? Just curious.
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