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There are other little things, like when you search for an app, you should have the option to go to it on your phone (not launch it, but find it wherever you have it on one of your screens - in case you want to delete or move around). Another shortcut is the springboard - there is the wifi icon - you should be able to double-click on one of those icons, like wifi, and get settings for it. The Settings mess - so hard to find what you are looking for. There needs to be a way...
I'm happy with thin. One could complain that thinness sacrifices whatever else, battery life. When the 5 came out, we were like, wow it is freakishly light and thin. Then you get the 5/5S and you realize how chunky and small the 4S. Then comes along the 6/6+. Of course, at some point, thin won't be something to focus on, unless the goal is a sheet of paper/2 dimensions. Patrick
At least they didn't call it the S6!
You would hope iOS 9 is a change in mostly name only and is a relatively small feature upgrade with the focus on squashing bugs.   "Handover" or whatever it is called to pass calls from phone to Mac should have been delayed based on all of the other things going on.   iOS 9 will probably address larger phones and leveraging the larger screens. There's a lot they can do in that department. And update the look of iOS.   Hopefully, there's nothing structurally changed...
Spotify is great.
It's the other way around?
Yes, Apple makes markets and redefines them. That's been their DNA.
 It doesn't seem that the Chromebooks are in the same notebook category. Chromebooks do have their shortcomings, although not for a lot of people. We have one and could pretty much only use that as our primary device, though. Maybe the $300 market is one to cede to others. What advantage is there in a low margin environment?
Apple's approach to the show: While all the other companies are clamoring on top of one another, Apple throws out some news to take all of the sizzle away from the show. That is why I believe the rumors of the new MacBook Air came out when they did - steal the thunder from this show. Apple must have done an intentional leak of information and gave enough for people to ponder and fight over (1 port machine, for instance).
Everyone who invests should read the book a Random Walk Down Wall Street. The world is incredibly complex. We do not have all of re information world to know where things go next or as to why they are they way they are.
New Posts  All Forums: