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Apple is becoming all things to all people? Jack of all trades?   May be hard to keep that focus and there are issues where departments within corporations cause issues for other departments. Also, innovation may slow because one group is waiting for dependencies on another group. Or one group impedes the other. This clearly happened at MS, but that is changing now with new leadership (and no other option).   However, on search, since it is so lucrative for customer...
The Fed, with cheap interest rates, have been supporting this corporate welfare of low rates, while screwing over people who are retired and hold bonds and does not promote saving.    
There was nothing wrong with JCP. It's fine, everyday stuff. Their quality control is known to be better than Nordstroms.   Say what you will, but JCP is simply middle-class America and people like when things go on sale. Most stores do that!
Reap what they sow.
I'm sure it wasn't an accident: The LA location and Paris. Not like it was Hoboken or Camden, NJ, or BFE, Nevada.
Free is good.
How do you really know that Apple Inc doesn't care to deal with smaller markets? I can see them ignoring many countries because the bang for the buck is not there.
What is really irritating is that the channel icons are just in a dumping ground. We only use Netflix and YouTube (oops, not anymore). If Netflix wasn't so elegant looking on our ATV, I'd get rid of it, as we can access NetFlix via our Blu-Ray player. Maybe Apple can create folders for some channels? Like ones for 1) Free (with ads), 2) Subscription, 3) Cable.
Well, indeed I do own a Timex. How did you know? I paid $25 for it and it works great.Complexity and being smart are two different things. Remember how simple the iPad is? One button to go home. A computer that is intuitive from the moment a person of any age picks it up? Well, the "iWatch" has way too many steps and instructions. Was it Gruber (or someone else) who said it took them 3 painful days to learn their watch. Just talking for me: if I was running Apple, I'd make...
Best watch in their own category. Which is easy since they define the category.
New Posts  All Forums: