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On the other hand, I've recently been "Microsoft'ed".   I installed a new harddrive in my MacBook Pro and I went to restore Office 2011. The install said I'd already used the product key. I called MS, and they said I'd have to buy Office again. I know, there was a big stink about this with Office 2013 and MS relented, but good luck with their support helping you get your situation fixed. I've called 5 times and still have not gotten a solution.   Then I went to use my 25...
Apple is an atypical and unpredictable company. They will make changes based on the market changes.   For a company to survive, they need to adapt to the market, not their dogma.   And Apple's not dogmatic. Like killing off popular products, like iPod versions and the iBooks.   And who says they will follow the "S" for every other year?   P
Ah, an elitist. We are not all ignorant. Some of us have advanced degrees in information technology and work in information architecture and do like to shop there. It's your standard middle-class store, so you are right about people being ignorant, and its not the shoppers...but those making insulting comments.
I have always liked JCP and I like the way it was. Okay, I know it's all smoke and mirrors on the discounts, but who cares. I like to get a deal even if I'm deluding myself.    It was fine after Ron made changes. The stores look nicer now, not that they were bad before. They feel more spacious.    I think Ron tried to change things too quickly and didn't think about his base. Who knows. 
I like Pandora.
BECU, in Seattle, says you have to have IE to view your mortgage information. Can you believe that?   If you complain, they give you a workaround so that you can use other browsers.    It's BS and extremely lame.
Agreed. They continue to tarnish their reputation in many ways.   They need to stop talking about how "perfect" they are.   Now, my MacBook Pro is awesome, along with my iPhone 4S.   They have those two things right for sure.   iOS is a different matter, along with other things.  
Does Apple really need to get into streaming radio?   They seem more and more like Microsoft as "me too" and going beyond their core competency.   Just like maps and cloud services.   They need to focus on what they are good at and try not to be good at everything.  
I think he said 1%.   Anyway, market changes are way too fast and furious. Predicting the market is like predicting the weather 3 years out. Or even 2 weeks out.   It's all psychology and the views of people. Look how much the shine has come off Apple since Steve has left. Hiring Browett. Then hiring this Adobe character? Confidence in Apple is way down.
That's why I buy with AMEX and get the warranty doubled and don't spend on Applecare. I take the risk to save a few bucks. Seems these days Apple laptops are built very well. They did have lots of issues with iBooks and logic boards on the MacBooks. We had one iBook in the shop about 4 times. The 5th time, they gave us a brand new iBook, even though our warranty was expired.   I don't know if we pay a premium on MacBooks these days. MacBooks are pretty competitive with...
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