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I run into a lot of people at work who think MS is still the sh!t and Apple is still a fringe company that happens to sell phones and tablets. Their thinking is stuck in the past. They still do not think Apple computers can do much or are greatly limited. Can't go wrong for buying HP? That's what they think. 
I've only found a vending machine here in the states, at work, that takes ApplePay. Favorite stores still do not have it, so forgetting about thinking to ask about it and just going to plastic to purchase. Hopefully, it will catch on, but costs a lot of money, and to what benefit, to update POS systems?
The Cook photoshoots remind me of the Kim Jong-Un photoshoots he does around North Korea.
 LOL. My geeky $25 Casio watch with a plastic face and plastic band and cheap metal is beautiful. That's why I wear it. I am told it tells the time if you put a battery in it, but I don't care. I gaze into its face and it mesmerize me and I forget why I'm looking and why it doesn't have a working battery. It's beautiful. Even the scratches on the face.
Dude, who cares? It's Apples and Oranges. I don't see the Pebble directly competing against the iWatch. People want variety, non-Apple products, even if they use Apple products. Some of us like variety and get tired of starting at the Apple and iOS/OS X implementations. Also, a lot of people are not going to pay $349+tax for a watch. They may not be able to afford it. The key is that people are buying the Pebble because it suits their needs, and/or they want it, and/or...
Curious to see how the Windows phone will do with Windows 10, but that won't  be out four awhile. It would be good to have a three horse race.   People are leaving Windows phone now because it doesn't have the apps they want. And if there are apps, they are sometimes/often inferior to Android/Apple versions.   It could be too late for Windows phone. Seems like they would need a miracle to pull it off. That, or find a way to heavily subsidize the phones.
Good for you. Buffet shows his proof that "non-managed" index funds beat "managed" index funds at least 80% of the time: http://www.amazon.com/Little-Book-Common-Sense-Investing/dp/0470102101 Sure, if you are good at reading balance sheets, then great, and good for you to make a lot of money. But even fund managers fail at least 80% of the time. Or at least their funds do.  Buffet didn't see the world falling off a cliff a few years ago. He's good, but not perfect. Who...
Side note: Buffet is not a normal investor. He's the guy who said that if he's gone, then his wife's funds will be 90/10 S&P500/bond funds. Most everyone can't take that risk, but if he's widow has 50B in funds or whatever, no sweat off her back. I don't know why he's so concentrated in a few stock funds. Has he said why? Buffet has teams of people who do his research. He's not out there himself shaking down companies. He's doing due diligence. Really, you can compare...
Thanks, I was expecting this kind of response.  No need to say more.
Yes,    They should have noted that it was filmed (and edited on an iPad).     Also, disjointed. It should have all been done by the "man", then said "written and directed by Martin S."   Or whatever.
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