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Is there any apple documentation that says that the above behaviour is the default OS Behaviour and cannot be changed
How can i run another instance of the application  while the application is already running, by clicking on the application Icon in /Applications/. I dont want to run it from /Applications/myapp.app/Contents/MacOS/myapp Can i link a script file containing statements (1)open -n /Applications/myapp.app or (2)open -n /Applications/myapp.app/Contents/MacOS/myapp with the application icon click.... i have tried making changes in Info.plist of the...
I was using these two API to set value in plist in lion 10.7.4 (1)::CFPreferencesSetValue(kPrefKeyRegistrationCancelled, value, kPrefAppName, kCFPreferencesAnyUser, kCFPreferencesCurrentHost); (2)::CFPreferencesAppSynchronize(kPrefAppName); the same impementation is not working in mountain lion (10.8) . Just update me if there is any change in the implementation in max os x 10.8 I have seeen some new plist being create Ï.plist in mac 10.8 and...
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