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I want to know if iTunes 11 will have a less craptastic interface for loading books onto iDevices (especially the forthcoming iPad Mini, if the focus is on reading). Thumbnail view only; inside a mini scrolling window inside ANOTHER scrolling window; no way to organize books by moving stuff between collections. And I don't know if it's an iOS 6 thing or what, but if I import a book outside of iTunes (like, say, from Dropbox) and then sync, iTunes copies the book into...
So I should presume that means that iPhone features that require carrier support, like visual voicemail, would still not be available?
I'm so disillusioned by T-Mobile and the iPhone that the screenshot at the bottom doesn't even get a rise out of me any more.
Installer packages (.pkg and .mpkg) files are just folder structures with the bundle flag set.   I've had enough trouble with permissions getting out of whack on the internal bits over the years that I zip up any installer that I'm archiving. It certainly doesn't hurt them to do so. I forgot that the guts of the 10.7 installer are in one big .dmg file, but it's already done.
  OK, I tried downloading it from a different Mac at home, still running 10.7 It gave me the "download could not be completed because an error occurred" as before. I quit and relaunched the App Store, and it tried to download the installer again. I didn't want to waste another hour or so, so I quit the App Store.   About 10 minutes later, the installer must have finished downloading completely because I'm working on my Mac, and the Lion Installer window pops up in front...
  OK, my download was most of the way done, then the App Store said the download could not be completed because an error occurred. My guess is, it took a while for it to disappear from all of the local mirrors.   I'm sorry, but that's total BS. I have a perfectly good Mac pro sitting here that can never go to 10.8. Hopefully the Recovery Partition will still let me grab the installer? I hope a have a copy zipped up somewhere. I wonder if my 2012 Mac Mini can get the...
The Lion installer was still in my purchases list, and I'm re-downloading it now. This Mac is still on 10.7, maybe that makes a difference?
  The process you describe is completely unnecessary. If the machine has ever had 10.7 on it, you can boot into the recovery partition, erase the primary volume, and do a clean install. Done it several times.   For machines that haven't had 10.7 installed yet, there are numerous articles on how to create a bootable USB thumb drive from the 10.7 installer app and do the same thing; I suspect they will work just as well for 10.8.
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