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Lol i was doing this two and a half years ago on android. Cracks me up that apple is so far behind on many features. Oh well. I still look forward to getting my first iphone next month. Have always loved my touch.
Yep I'm waiting for the iPhone 5 in October at which point I'll sell my iPod Touch and get the iPhone straight from apple (costly I know). The month to month has been invaluable to me over the last couple of years because of the freedom and security it provides me and my financial situations and budgets. I know most people scoff at Tmobile but I haven't had a single hiccup and good voice and data service(3G) for 2.5 years on my aging N1. I'm ready for the iPhone based on...
    I only ask that because even virgin mobile is going to provide service for the iphone now, and they also have month to month options instead of a contract, like tmobile. So i could get it activated through virgin mobile, pay for a month or so, stop my service, and have an activated and usable iphone without phone service. Continue using my android device with normal tmobile service, then take my iphone to tmobile in 2013 to get my normal month to month service moved...
So before i activate it i cant even get to the homescreen or download apps. And getting service for it activates it at which point i could stop service and just use it as a wifi device temporarily if i wanted to, until i got service again.
So if i ever had service for it and then disconnected my service, the phone would be an absolutely useless paperweight?
Why would i have to jailbreak it to simply use it like an ipod touch?
I have been with tmobile for over 2 years. I like the month to month plans they offer. They may be providing service for iphone in 2013. Might sound like a weird question but could i buy an iphone in the fall straight from apple and simply use it like an ipod touch until im ready to get service? It would replace my ipod touch i use now and my existing phone can hold me over until im ready to get service for the iphone.
New Posts  All Forums: