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Just upgraded to Parallels 8  and guess what?   ( Using Mountain Lion Mac OS 10.8)  Dictation with the "function" "function" key activation works on the Window 7 side of the Mac!!!   So happy about it.    I think it is a bit slower than the Mac side but it works pretty much just the same...  very promising !
No, Parallels 7 does not work... Almost does... As the icons for dictate seem to being working The dictation icon is not at the cursor like it should be and of course, when it id done, there is no text to be found anywhere. I bet it is somr buffer awaiting the right software tweak. Tech support suggested that version 8 may have it... Though I am betting it happens soon ( that's a little longer than real soon now). Meanwhile, you can dictate into the Mac side into a...
It would be fantastic for me if dictation would work with Parallels and Windows - I am assuming there would be no impediment... does anyone know for sure?
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