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My posts are being edited without notice, PM, flags, or feedback. I don't see anything in the forum rules about shadow modding, which implies classic corruption.   What is being removed? Any mention of how Tallest Skil runs a wrecking ball through what would otherwise be standard forum conversation. This user starts petty arguments, obsesses over misinterpretations of other people's posts, and is always condescending to differing opinions, be they from other users or...
I see.   Looks like I'm done here.
This would be better news if the App Store kept each app's last version to support older iOS/hardware. Few things are more frustrating than trying to put apps on a wiped 3GS, and getting version errors after the password prompt.   The discount thing is pretty shallow (and completely in line with school social rules), but now she knows how Mac gamers feel!
Price is still a concern for MAS games. As Zoolook mentioned, Steam is the discount shop for digital titles. iOS game devs have holiday sales, but the only notable MAS discounts I can remember were for major new releases of Mac-only apps like Pixelmator and Acorn. I see the same disparity in the online and physical Apple store, where accessories can sometimes have a higher price than elsewhere online.
"Things you'd want to do." Stop imposing your personal wants and needs on everyone. I want to play nice games at 1080p on their initial release date (not months later) while batch encoding video; that's why I have a Mac and a console. Somehow I find the willpower to not assume everyone else has similar use cases.   And again, this game's entertainment value is irrelevant to this discussion. ...on this console that's yet to be released. Sony has several months to tweak...
Two weeks after the rollout, we see the first reports of 3rd party apps accessing this information silently, without permission, and sending it back to home servers for targeted ads and who knows what else.
I was thinking this might compete with Square, but they don't have much in the way of restaurant tableside payments either.     Maybe something that will be added to Passbook?
Always love "this game sux" comments, as if they have ever added to the discussion.     I understand the tradeoffs, but don't make it an either/or situation where you can like Steam or MAS, but not both. Valve seems committed to OS X, and Steam has certainly been a huge help in pushing Mac games within recent years. I doubt they would pull anything really going against Mac long term interests, like Adobe dragging their feet through Carbon for years, or Microsoft stealing...
Pre-ordering doesn't really make sense for digital distribution.   Anyone know if this is Cider or a native port? That's my personal deal breaker.
I am surprised Kansas isn't on the list, considering Gov Brownback wants to wipe out most of our taxes.   Seems correct to me, albeit simplified.   I'm seeing a definite red/blue state divide in those figures. Interesting. 
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