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I completely agree. They didn't need to spend how many hundreds of millions in ad spots telling people that attaching the keyboard makes a click. I'm sure some iPad keyboards do that as well.  Advertising has never ever been Microsoft's forte. For that matter, every Android commercial I've seen is like Michael Bay meets 5 Gum. Android phones can crack concrete walls, look like The Matrix inside their cases, and turn a live concert recording into a 160'...
I still have unfixed gripes, but they have been sent via Apple Feedback (again).   At least the various Share formats work with interlaced timelines again. All this time, I thought I'd messed something up from mucking about in the system codec folders.
  You gave an example of showing people iOS 7 and they react in disgust. It seemed like that was to validate its ugliness, but were you really trying to make the same point I was?
False consensus: assuming that global opinions exactly match what your social circle thinks. It also betrays a lack of confidence in one's individual opinion. Doesn't anyone think for themselves? Either you like it or you don't, and majority opinions do not make winning sides.   Jenny McCarthy endangering kids with misinformation is controversial. iOS icons have divided opinions among mobile developers and armchair graphic designers.
    I thought of something Apple could do with iOS 7: A slider bar in the settings that controls how lock screen buttons appear. It goes from edgeless, cornerless beta 3 buttons to the more traditional beta 4 style. As you slide to the right, the buttons decrease in size while increasing their margin and roundness. I could do a js/css mockup later on... just for fun, of course.
Thus, making apps conform to the new standard takes less effort than retaining the old look. If they kept the old UIButton, too few developers would bother updating. Apple experienced something similar when transitioning to Cocoa, watching Adobe stick to the Carbon compatibility layer for about six years too many.   Things are only difficult or confusing in the same way that a Facebook layout change is. Anytime you change something, people will complain, regardless of how...
Psh. My Sprint Samsung Galaxy X Fire LTE HD with SprintCast has a camera with moar megapixels. That's the only important camera number.   /s   Only if iOS allows apps to capture more sensor data than the current default: 8-bit jpeg.
That's only a side effect of using the most space-inefficient cell signal indicator imaginable. I may be an armchair iOS graphic designer, but I would have gone with a single vertical bar that fills with signal, like a rotated battery indicator.   So make it like the recent app trend of using three parallel lines to access their menu (Feedly, Duolingo, YouTube even does this on desktop web). I'm not sure if that's good or bad, when considering icon consistency,...
  SemiAccurate via MacRumors suggests a September release, but not an appearance alteration.   Of course, reliable sources pointed to an update during WWDC. Soon I will have a full saltshaker.
  Possibly. I don't know what Apple did before Ars covered the Mastered for iTunes program:  
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