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Were it so easy.   More likely there will be companies offering extra money for exclusivity contracts. Even when there is a consortium, competing standards are still developed and sometimes enter the market (see Microsoft's HD-DVD).
256kbps AAC is good enough in every consumer listening case. You would only notice a difference on a $5,000+ system perfectly positioned in an externally soundproof room. Even then, only a double blind would be objective.   That said, the iTunes division does request 96k master files from studios, so any future change to the purchase file format can be converted from the highest possible source. I speculate having those masters may also aid in comparison testing of...
The approach there is to buy an iPhone mount and your stereo connectivity method of choice. I use a cigarette lighter adapter with built-in FM transmitter.
Companies run by mature adults have tact. Otherwise, they would face greater consequences than a forum ban.   No one has been shocked by Facebook, except in the metaphorical sense.   Generally, cost of power converting electronics is directly proportional to component quality. You didn't see any reputable 3rd party power supply for the XBox 360 because Microsoft already used the cheapest (and cinder block-iest) parts. It left no room for another company to make a cheaper...
Provided you have consistently decent data coverage. I can drive across my city all day and be stuck on Edge, which also means no simultaneous voice and data (ironically my only reason for choosing AT&T).     That's what I was getting at. Dense urban areas should already have autonomous (for you) vehicles, but who wants a career in city planning?
With Google putting so much R&D money into autonomous cars, they will have to recoup their investment with cars constantly offering to drive you to sponsored locations.   "You don't currently have coffee breath. Drive to Starbucks?"     How's the public transit in your area?
But they always seem to be holding off for the next great component(s). Say that Thunderbolt 2 is almost ready to manufacture, but Bluetooth announces a new version coming in a few months. Will Apple wait for that as well? Oh, and by then, LG will have shaved 3mm off their retina displays, which will be mass produced just a few months later. Where does the eternal quest for future-proofing end?   Personally, I am not a fan of Macbooks receiving around one update a year....
Are IAPs required to progress in the game, or are they just a shortcut for rich kids?
  I think you mean "less than expected," unless the iPhone 5S will revert to a 3.5" screen.
Do we all have to start saying "chrome" in place of "UI" now?   It's a nice thorough piece, but the author seemed genuinely offended by the current search and status bars. Sitting there, mocking me with that gradient! Boo skeumorphism! Which moron coded exit signs that look like exit signs? And showing the current time and signal level is just fifteen wasted pixels.   I know that minimalism is in right now, but when it comes to driving up to 80 MPH in heavy traffic, I...
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