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This isn't completely unprecedented. I was one of the users who experienced a drifting left-right balance around 2006, until it was patched. For this issue, I'm surprised no one here has cried "fake!"   What if we modified the phase variance in the warp field transducer coils? That would allow us to stabilize a tachyon field long enough to disrupt the Tholian vessel's shield harmonics.
Take this rumor with all the grains of salt we didn't use in the several years worth of "Apple considering OLED displays."
I'll jump on the dog-pile for this quote to add: Shipping hardware that soon uses outdated software is the realm of Android phones, not Macs.   The new Mac Pro can use its second GPU for calculations, rather than being a dumb parallel board. This may be too much to hope for, but a rMBP with Iris+discrete could mean excellent graphics and OpenCL-boosted apps at the same time. Not that I want to fire up Battlefield 4 during Final Cut exports or anything...   At least...
  Do you really think that iOS constantly renders app icon gloss and lighting effects on the fly?   The icons on your iPhone are static png images, not PSD format with layers and styles composited in real-time. Complex and flat icons take exactly the same amount of power to display on the home screen. They all have identical resolution and are made for display rather than printing, so "Cuts down on the DPI" is wrong on two counts.   iOS doesn't even re-draw Safari content...
Sounds like the calendar power users would be better served by any other view than Monthly. Try List mode or hold your iPhone sideways for week view; neither has gray dots of indeterminate usefulness.   There's also a few hundred calendars in the App Store.   Apples and oranges. Microsoft has an entirely different decision making process than Apple, which is clearly evident in their relative results. Even when it looks like both companies are doing the same thing, it...
Currently, there is no visual cue informing new users that Notification Center exists in iOS 6. It's just one of those things you learn from someone else, by accident, or by flipping through the quick start guide.
It seems like the AT&T towers in my area are hitting some kind of effective connection limit, similar to dial-up days when everyone in the neighborhood being online made it slower. So hopefully the LTE update helps with that.        
Still waiting for LTE in my previously announced city. Most days, I can drive around all day and be stuck on Edge.   Nothing in this article is even tangentally related to Apple stock, but hey, keep grinding that axe. You must be fun at parties.   Compared to other carriers, does AT&T use frequencies less conducive to building penetration? Or is this just a personal observation?
With his minimalism, I would have expected signal strength to be displayed as one full-height bar that fills. Like a sideways battery charge indicator.
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