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  Highly depends on your location, and I mean very specific location. Best I can suggest is to ask your local friends what works well for them.   Where I live, Verizon is only speedy on the west side of town; Sprint can have five bars and no actual throughput; AT&T drops to Edge mode at my apartment and workplace.
New hardware is released. A small but very real percentage of users report a hardware issue. Forum denizens cry fake. Apple tests and releases an official fix.   Search the Apple support downloads for a complete history of official patches specific to new hardware, and search this forum for people claiming they were all non-existent problems.   Like clockwork, I knew you'd be here blaming the victims. Not that you're alone...   Which is it? Are users imagining this issue...
This is great news! Just in time for AT&T to roll out LTE-A support in 2017 (for major cities... everywhere else, never mind).
Not sure about dropping the Mac Mini. It's a nice embedded home theater solution if your needs surpass the AppleTV. And the Mini is Apple's current server machine; While the new Mac Pro is technically stackable, the thermal implications of that are much more dangerous.   Software instruments are a good way to experiment with arrangements or get something done fast on a budget. No one is forced to ditch their analog equipment, but they do have more options now.   For what...
The old menu command "View all bookmarks" is gone in Safari 7?
  Too true. The mainstream has always skewed towards what has the most broad and bland appeal. That's why it's mainstream. Huge elaborate productions haven't been mainstream since prog rock fell out.   In other words, there's no reason to take it personally the next time a casual Facebook game has more users than a million dollar AAA game. Life is better once you break the subconscious need to validate your entertainment choices by their popularity. This can be difficult...
  [insert oblique reference to needing a sarcasm tag]
I'm not really surprised. How many people today are buying the current Mac Pro and its dated specs?
You would not necessarily need a first party monitor. Drop $30 for a Thunderbolt to DVI adapter and grab any decent screen from Newegg. Only those who require 100% color accuracy need to spend more.
In that case, maybe Sprite Kit is based on what Apple uses for the new Messages scrolling balloon animation. Perhaps intented more for those one-off uses, like how Delicious Library used Scene Kit, and not to build an entire game with.
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