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What does this provide beyond current Core Animation features?   Moreover, this is unsettling for fans of cross-platform game development. Just as I discourage devs from getting locked into DirectX (and hiring a 3rd party for a rushed OS X port), I think it would be better for more devs to use OpenGL rather than getting locked into Core libraries. Unless Apple has a master plan to fold Core Animation and Sprite back into the OpenGL spec, similar to how they...
Well, that was fast. First day back and a thread about battery recalls is now about Tallest Skil.   Can we set up a forum bot to tag threads when that happens? Like a NSFW tag, but call it NATS.
  Calm down, slick. First of all, unlicensed accessories have always existed. Second, Apple taking the blame for unlicensed accessories is why they created the MFI program. Third, save your troll spotlight for when Skil is actually doing said thing; it's common, but this isn't it. I actually agree with his take on this, except for the newspaper part; the dead tree press is usually oblivious to anything tech-centric.
This is why the MFI program exists.
I would use a standalone version of the Macbook keyboard. Black keys, backlit...
Assuming Top Sites doesn't suit your fancy, I would suggest setting your homepage to a local html file that you create, customized to that end.
That menu bar is only consistent with the Macbook Air's silver screen border. For everything else, there's MenuBarFilter.    
True that. Benchmarks are just one metric of many when assessing user impact. Chewing through javascript doesn't do much good if the UI thread suffers.
Skil, not everything is about you. Maybe stop taking everything personally, and these threads would only need to be about half as long.
We have now moved from an egomaniacal gamer argument... to arguing about parenting methods.    
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