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It's not a stupid question at all; I was wondering the same thing. Skil is just... like that.   We haven't seen any iOS 7 on iPod Touch media, which is intriguing. For that matter, all the official images are running on white iPhones. Perhaps they are re-tooling the OS to be darker on black iPhones? Time will tell.
Oh yay, another asinine black-and-white gamer argument.   Gamepads and keyboards are optimized for different types of games. No single input method is superior for every situation or person. Drill down into first person shooters, for instance, and you see some optimized for gamepads (Halo) and others optimized for keyboards (id tech). Then there's arcade sticks for fighting games.   But no, let's drag market share into this! 52% of people prefer one thing, so those...
I don't perceive a quality App Store game as cheap just because it's not a multi-year franchise. iOS is certainly not lacking in game success stories, either. If anything, some original iOS games appear to sell better than big-name franchise ports or sequels.   But that's all beside the point. Apple is helping to standardize an iOS gamepad protocol. People will buy one if they want it.   Really, what else needs to be said? The rest is just attempting to push your...
  For someone so sensitive to being mis-quoted, you're quick to use it on others. Also, I don't see how picking one popular title from a <5 year old brand marketplace and "contrasting"* with several of the titles in Nintendo's >25 year old brand marketplace is a good argument. But, pull out anything to feel like you've "won" an increasingly pointless discussion, eh?       *That's proper quoting. I didn't say legitimate platform or any variant thereof, only that many...
  It just wouldn't be a console debate without dismissing iOS games as casual time-wasters. I do believe we've checked all the boxes for today. Good work, everyone!
I did see "OpenGL 4" in one of the keynote slides.   Here is the most detailed investigation I can find so far. Complete support for up to 4.1, and partial 4.2.
That's treating the symptom. The cause is ignorance, treated with supporting information. Do that and no one sinks to their level.
  Easy there, killer. No one said this was going to be packaged with every iOS device. Apple is just standardizing a device category. No different than when they established accessory capabilities for classic iPods (30 pin connector defined pins for certain tasks) or added Smart Card support to OS X. It all enhances the ecosystem.   For what it's worth, I find it very difficult to play traditional platform games with touch. Shantae: Risky's Revenge will be re-downloaded...
  File system ≠ file format.   I can already interact with "MS file formats," including WMV. I want the ability to read and write to NTFS drives within the OS X environment. Make sense?
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