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Current MacBooks will have better battery life with OS X 10.9 as well.   I'm in the same sitch. Seems like they were pretty tasked with hardware updates overall, though. Surely we will see Haswell rMBP before 2014...
  H.264 is optimized for playback, not NLE; it has b-frames, pyramids, and other compression tricks that are a tall order to decode while quickly scrubbing and cutting. That's why FCPX recommends transcoding everything to ProRes; as long as your drives are fast enough, it takes less CPU to edit.   4-5K video is usually transcoded to a proxy for the bulk of editing, then reconnected to the hi-res media for color grading and sfx. With that workflow, you could store an...
No, but hardware is more standardized now. Nearly all computers (and modern consoles) have x86 processors, OpenGL code is triple cross platform, and indie devs can still use assisted environments like Unity for cross-platform publishing. So really, the only problem is a developer getting locked into DirectX, and passing port work onto a tiny team or 3rd party.
  Cider, that's what I meant. Crossover is what EVE Online used for OS X. Either way, it's a big detriment to Mac gaming quality.
The platform performance disparity with most EA games is due to their use of Crossover, which translates DirectX commands on the fly. So you're basically running EA games through a low-level Windows emulator. I am impressed they are rewriting Sim City in OpenGL, but it would have been easier to make it OpenGL on Windows in the first place. That's what Blizzard does with all their games, which sometimes run smoother on similarly specced Macs.     On what planet is that...
After a night of normal use, I can say that Messages seems to be working as advertised, though it is a bit slower. Loading messages in chronological order must be tough!   I wonder if it has anything to do with iCloud. Like, did they fix the backend, did they stop using iCloud, what?
  Exactly. It's convergent evolution. One hopes that these out-of-court negotiations includes both parties' engineers, instead of just lawyers.   Didn't they issue a takedown on some daycare that had a Disney character mural wall?
  Depends on how much you do after exiting Safari. It has the same RAM privileges as everything else, and gets moved closer to removal as you open more apps. On the iPhone 4, I could cycle between Safari, AlienBlue, and The Magazine without any of them needing to re-load, but open a fourth app and things started needing re-loaded. With the iPhone 5 I can cycle several more apps before that happens.
That's what I meant. People who switch from Android to iOS and assume everything needs to be manually maintained. "Where's the resource manager?" etc. At least none have asked me about how to defrag the damn thing.
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