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 True, but are they looking to make Woz's character a lazy, annoying, stoner with the intelligence of a walnut? If thats the case, then Rogen will be perfect. Personally not a fan of Rogen. He's a decent comedic writer, but as an actor... I'll pass.
Samsung is now the official innovator of copying.
I've always wondered why there's so much news and "outrage" when apple does something far from perfect. like maps for example. Ive seen some horrid pictures of Google 3D maps recently (might be Google Earth?) yet not a blip of complaints or "jokes". Malware on Android, heck, even the privacy issues with personal information being given to developers. Yet people (the media) seem to not be bothered in the least. Yet Apple is killed in the media.   Chalk up another...
  My Magic Mouse came in a plastic package. But this does NOT look like an Apple product. I really hope it isn't. not sure they need a "low cost" iPhone, they already have one; It's the $99 iPhone 4. I hope they leave the low cost crap to the competitors.
The poster is actually correct, but it's not limited to first party apps, and not necessarily an Apple issue. ALL Software in general is constantly increasing in size and demanding more and more resources. Not sure about the "100 times more" ratio of the Notes app, but for example, Office 95 requirements were 8-16 MB of memory, and 28MB - 89MB of HD space. Office 2010 Standard (for comparison) requires 3GB of HD space and 512MB of ram recommended, not to mention they...
I think that's the genius of the ad itself. It grabs your attention, stirs your curiosity, it allows your emotion to relate to what you are seeing, then ties the product clearly into the entire experience.
I actually thought it was an iPod nano with the watch bands, but being that they don's sell those anymore (that I'm aware of), it just might be a hint at the iWatch. Good catch.
I was wondering if this was possible, if anyone has this working. Can I connect a wireless keyboard to my iPad, then mirror to my TV via AppleTV and write pages docs, surf the web etc thru mirroring? So sort of use the iPad as a PC.
This same statement can me made about Apple Maps. I have ZERO problems with it in Miami. Use it several times a week. And I find the turn by turn is very accurate. So should all the critics include the "in MY cases" in their critique?
My guess is a "little" iPad that does a whole lot "More" (than the competition??).
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