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I still believe they will release a mini as well as a revamped 9.7" iPad with a thunderbolt, maybe a newer processor or cooler battery.   Good, better best =  16, 32, 64GB   A/B = Black/White.   101/103 = WiFi only(101) / 4G+WiFi (103) Mini 105/107 = WiFi only(105) / 4G+WiFi(107) New iPad.   They'll probably introduce the A6 into the larger iPad and the lightning connector to start getting everything on board with it.
unless they are releasing a full size "Newer" iPad as well.   Good, better best = 8,16,32 (or 16, 32, 64 for the larger iPad).   A/B refers to Black/White.   101/103 = WiFi only / 4G+ (mini) 105/107 = WiFi only / 4G+ (New-er iPad).
Here's the first one that comes to mind. I'm sure there are more out there. Don't think Google Maps is perfect either, and they've had YEARS to correct mistakes.   http://googlemapsfail.tumblr.com/
I disagree. I don't believe there are MORE haters than people who LOVE Apple, the difference IMO is that the people who hate are much more vocal and seem to care waaaay too much about it. I love Apple... have for decades, but I could care less about the competition. I don't go to Android forums, I don't "preach" to my android friends how much better my product is... personally I dont care about the others that much.
if Starbucks is the only card you'll use, then yeah, there's no point. But Passbook is supposed to store multiple cards, coupons in one place. it's there for organizational purposes, and as SolipsismX mentioned, it's fewer steps to get to it.
Uh yeah, that wont be confusing! Actually I prefer Year/Month/Day because it is much easier to tell which is older/newer etc.   But anyway, I'm actually one of the few that is excited about Passbook. Just got my Starbucks update and will try it out a little later. I understand that we can add passbooks via link, sms etc., but do you know of a site or similar somewhere that lists coupons available for download to passbook? One where we don't have to go in and create our...
Yes except that AI and the others aren't as intertwined in our daily lives as google is.
NO, just seems to be the brand of service the ones with the mapping issues are missing the most, so it's the one I offer. My point is why are they complaining about something that is still accessible to them?
Actually, MANY disagree also. I personally like the new maps better. At least where I live. And IMO, Google may have been a viable partner at one point, but I for one am not happy that they have been holding back features to us (according to recent reports) leaving us a step behind. It was going to be like that from here moving forward. So to me Google was no longer a viable partner. They became direct competitors now so in essence, Apple needed to take a step back in...
C'mon. I tested the very first one (error code 8??) And it pulled up on my 4S on iOS 6. Figured I didn't want to waste any more time.
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