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Funny thing is that those on the Apple side are the ones labeled as sheep, cult followers, kool-aid drinkers... Seems to me there is a tirade of cronies populating all the forums with this "Give me back my Google" and all that, when it's there for them, along with MANY other options if they so choose. AND by using the web-app they have the freedom from apple that they ask for since it's not an Apple controlled app.
But you still have access to Google Maps!! I don't understand what the issue is. Maps.google.com, add to home screen Voila!! problem solved. Same features you had in the app. Street view, satellite images, traffic...   More and more, every day I am convinced that people just like to complain.
Honest question to all those complaining/criticizing Apple and the new mapping software. I you STILL have maps.google.com, which is pretty full featured, and you can add it to your home screen (and move Apples app to a back page somewhere), there is also maps.bing.com AND you have many other options in the app-store, many of them free... Why are you still complaining? you still HAVE google maps, you still CAN find all the same directions and routing info you had before,...
To steal a quote from the Joker "You've changed things... forever. There's no going back..".   I hope they don't go back to Google maps. I like the new one, and there are temporary alternatives INCLUDING the Google Maps web-app. Staying with Google means we'll always be behind in features and technology. And to those suggesting keeping both, or rolling back until the new maps is ready, I disagree. They would have had to release it Mid OS cycle, or wait a year and fall...
Yeah, not sure what version of Safari he's running, but it works great for me.
  I believe so. it's that "Go ahead and try them, you'll be back" attitude. They feel they have a superior product, or that at the very least, in the near future it will be a superior product, so they aren't afraid of the competition.   Personally I reaaalllly like the new maps. I love the vector, the 3D, the cleanliness. Again, I live in Miami so it works pretty well for me. And I'm confident they'll make BIG leaps in the near future.
  I actually like the move. It shows confidence in his product and that it'll get better, and shows (and also shuts up the naysayers) people that this truly WAS a move to give the users a better product, and not an attempt to "Stick it to Google". So in essence, they really do want the iPhone users to have the best experience, and they are doing what they can to provide it. Hopefully it'll be with their mapping solution soon.
if Google maps are that important to you, why don't you get an Android phone? You will ALWAYS have the latest Google Maps on it.
 You really think this is about just being "pissed" at Google because of something personal? Its about wanting to provide their users with a better experience than Google was willing to provide (e.g. Turn by Turn). Google was unfairly (IMO) trying to strong arm Apple and it's users by not providing us with an inferior product than they were using themselves in their own, competing product. I'm actually a bit upset that Google was treating me unfairly, not giving me the...
It's up to Google to make an app. Apple is not going to make Google's app for them.   And no, they cant just release the "old" app, it's now using their own MapKit and available as a standard app.
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