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Java is huge, and it's not going anywhere. As another poster mentioned, there are two separate components. Applets (crappy IMO) which run either standalone or on a webpage, and Server Side java. Java is used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies at some level. BUt yeah, i agree.. applets are giving the Java language a bad name these days.  
it's useful to the iOS user experience. That's why it was added. "tech specs" aren't the only thing that are classified as useful. And yes, it's been around, just like phones have been around. but it wasn't a blatant copy.
No, you Google fanbois are the ones in the reality distortion field. The truth is the majority of consumers Don't give a crap about any of those things. NFC is used so sparingly right now that it is basically irrelevant to a phone user. I work with 3 people who have Android with NFC, neither have used it once. And the lack of all that extra RAM, and processing power and stuff you speak of hasn't prevented me from doing anything i need on my iPhone.   The difference when...
I'm sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but Apple did NOT invent rubber-banding on cellphones.  
Not me! That would totally be cool if Steve Jobs showed up at my place and helped me install it!
Private browsing? Hahaha! You do realize this is Google you are talking about, don't you? Nothing is private with Google.
Of course they sell more. they are the GM of smartphones. How many different models of smartphones do they currently sell? I'm surprised their lead is not MUCH larger. Compare that to two models in 3 different configurations. Not very impressive.
I agree. I am an apple loyalist, been so since the original apple ii and it frustrates me to see Apple users bash a competitor. I absolutely love my iPhone, iPad and all other Apple products, I have absolutely no need to switch to android, there's nothing it offers me that Apple doesn't. The S3 is a very nice phone, but I have enough confidence in Apple and my products to just congratulate Samsung. 6 mil aint bad. It's not 35 million, but not bad.
New Posts  All Forums: