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I just purchased an iPod 160 GB Classic for $340. I love it. It holds so much stuff. I plan on converting and putting all my family photos and videos on it.  The smaller video format (480 x 320) allows for squeezing more video than the iPhone or the iPod touches. Its only short coming is it doesn't have any internet capabilities at all. It would have been great if it could directly download podcasts off the net. Some day Apple will make a 256 GB iphone and it will likely...
So what melted the 2 mile thick (10,000 plus feet) glaciers covering half of North America just 18,000 years ago?
The demand is less.
There is very little content available at 4K resolution, so why would Apple support 4K when there is almost no movies or shows at 4K?
This thinness aspect of the iPhone is getting too extreme. I'm sure 95% of iPhone users would prefer getting a 24 hour full use charge out of their next iPhone over reducing its thickness anymore. At some point it will be too thin to hold in your hand comfortably without it felling unstable holding it. What about adding a micro-SD slot for storage. Apple is losing its way.
Every Apple employee and Apple product purchase generates tax receipts. And Apple does pay some taxes. From the general overall tax generation revenue point of view, better to have 50 Apple type companies than 50 GE type companies. 
He saves them for the really important comments.....like me.
Why would a MS employee hide a Mac at home? Just install Windows on and your ready to go to work in the business world. Same would hold for an IBM employee. Lets not forget Mac's run Windows too!
2.5 million people live in Brooklyn, yet no store there. There should be 2 Apple stores in Brooklyn, one in Downtown and one at Kings Plaza.
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