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2.5 million people live in Brooklyn, yet no store there. There should be 2 Apple stores in Brooklyn, one in Downtown and one at Kings Plaza.
Why buy an iPod at all? Buy a used iPhone 4s or 5 and use it as an iPod. 
Your nuts if you think iWorks in anywhere in the same league as MS Office. Just about every business in America uses those applications.   I love Apple but either your an unemployed person who never worked in the business world or your just plain silly to even suggest iWorks is in the same league as Office. Even Open Office is supperior to Works.
Do you have any ideas as to how low Apple stock price will fall before it rebounds? When approximately do we hit bottom? Fall 2013? 
Doesn't matter Google stock just dived 20% because they jumped the gun with their lower than expected earnings report ... Probably gonna affect Apple too ... http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2012/10/18/business/18reuters-google-results.html?hp&_r=0   Why do you read this rag sheet? Unless it suits their agenda, the NYT never publishes what's really happening in the world. For example, the whole Benghazi debacle in never on the cover, only on page 7 or...
You must be living on another planet. About 99 percent of all businesses use Windows. Therefore by extension if you own a MAC computer and want to work from home and connect to your company'sWindows only world the only way to do that on a MAC is to use Parallels or Boot Camp.
I can see it now.... our next run at $700/share. Hopefully it won't drop back down too much.
Yeah it normal to sell some of your AAPl stock. Thinking about it, I plan to cash out soon too. All 5 shares.
According to Business Insider, Apple officially has a fix now shown on their web site. All you Apple Map defenders with egg on your faces please say sorry.    http://www.businessinsider.com/category/apple
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