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By the way, Allenbf. here is your first sentence: "How can he get the Google app available now?"   Is this grammatically correct English?   Everybody is a "former" employee after they leave firm "A" to go work for firm "B".  Most users want a simple application which takes the to what they want to do. If using Safari gets you Google Maps, then Apple should create a simple automation app which does that function in one step and call it Google Maps or something.  Does...
I am sure if Apple wanted to get Google Maps to work with OS 6 they could have gotten that straight out before OS 6 was released. Please don't be so stupid. These CEO's have big ego's and they don't want to concede anything to each other. They complete in the marketplace and if Larry Page can make Tim Cook eat crow for a few weeks he will celebrate that victory in private. How do you think Google feels about Apple "stealing" Google mapping software engineers? In fact a...
Well its obvious to everybody the Apple Maps app was not ready for public use. If Apple did not want to use Google Maps app they should have found a better third party solution while they worked on their own inadequate program. 
Your wrong, actually stock holders have a lot to say in Apples plans. What's trust got to do with this issue? They made a big mistake. Now they need to act quickly and offer a satisfying correction. ASAP. You must be one of those people who doesn't put his money where his mouth is. Me on the other hand I have done very nicely investing in Apple in spite of the lousy economy. Apple stock has gone down this week partly because of the negative press associated with this...
So Jeff what are you saying. Tim Cook wants the Apple iphone users to be the beta testers for this not ready for prime time mapping program? If that is the case they should have included it as a bonus program as part of OS6 and still given users full access to Google maps. As an Apple stock holder his apology means nothing. Its offering me a drink with an empty glass. If he truly wants people to move forward he needs to bring back the Google App period end of story.
You made me laugh.
My 3GS will be 4 years old next summer. I plan on getting the 5 when Apple introduces the 5s. The 3gs has been very reliable and works without a problem, I love my phone,
I wont bather to move from OS5 to 6. My 3GS is working well and I don't want to mess with it. I will likely upgrade next near to the 5 when the 5S is introduced. My 3gs does just about everything I need and imagine it lasted 4 years!
I purchased 10 more shares this morning. I hope it doesn't go down to $650 before bottoming out.
I still use my 3GS. Gets great reception in NYC. My 3GS was originally on a 2 year ATT contract, but after the contract expired I got it unlocked and moved it over to T-Mobile. Great phone. Upgraded it to iOS 5 and it still works well. I think I still be using it 2 years from now. Apple supported this product (and all their products) for a long time.
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