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No, the store is not getting hammered. They forgot to bring it back online. T-mo users are getting screwed out of ordering since T-mo is not an option in the apple store app on IOS devices. Thanks for using the same network guys from the keynote stream for this launch Mr. Cook. Hope the U2 concert is good.
This is just great. What are they going to introduce now that's been stolen from Apple. Stay classy Google.
Wonder why this issue didn't materialize during the beta stage. I guess no one has a test xserve environment running.
what would be the benefit of downgrading to Snow Leopard?
makes no sense at all. the upgrade is free for new mac purchases. delaying the release of new hardware inconveniences the buyer and is a potential lost sale.
It appears that apple covered all aspects of possible use when it licensed the technology. Wonder how many pages of research the law interns had to peruse to find the relevant clauses applying to the use of this set of patent portfolio's being trolled by this patent parasite.
From their recent earnings call, Apple stated they are selling every single iPad2 they could make. There is no inventory. I would rather have them keep their rollout schedule so at least some folks could get them in their hands. If you really need it that badly, queue up.
Can't wait to boot up my external SSD drive using TB as my boot up hard drive and just use my internal hard drive for storage. Oh shoot. That means I have to buy the upcoming iMac with TB. Who wants a 27inch iMac, 2010 model?
Such a good "feel good" human story until it got ruined by the marketing spiel in the end. Come on guys.
The difference is that Apple has learned from their failure. You can look at the iPod for an example. They are willing to price their products as low as the competition is pricing theirs. I think apple was prepared to lower the cost of iPad2 if Samsung or Motorola had come out with products that were competitive with the 499. I was ready for a 350 price during Mr Jobs presentation. And because Apple has the supply chain that they did not have with the original Macs,...
New Posts  All Forums: