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cause people might want to use the ipad as a presentation device connected to a projector instead of logging a laptop around.
I have the same confidence in this new Adobe service as I do for their Flash and Reader products. The only way to ensure that it's secure is not to install it.
Why not just build on top of bonjour instead of creating a new printing protocol? Apple needs to stop announcing new enhancements until they can ship it the same day as the announcement. They're beginning to look incompetent. Leave that to the other Steve. I hope this is but a rumor.
Pretty ballsy. If it happens, Nostradamus will have to be content with being 2nd.
I'm picturing Rendevous for the Cloud. No need for configuration of hardware devices. They just become available to you when you're in the room. hmm, I better patent this idea.
well, it's http streaming so you may be able to watch it.
with Apple being 5-10% of the pc market, Adobe only allocates about the same amount of resource to OSX development. figure CS takes about 95% of that and the remaining 5% is fought for between the two persons that work for flash and lightroom cubicles.
Apple has no personal animosity for the rest of the world. We can't get phones here in the US, either. The chinese slave labor force just can't handle the amount of phones being ordered by Apple. It;s no accident that Apple is rolling the release out a few countries at a time. There is just not enough phones to go around. Please don't hate my Apple. We get enough of that from the disciples of MSFT and GOOG.
NO freakin way VZ is able to do that. They just started and they are behind Sprint in the rollout. VZ also stopped rolling out FIOS, the fiber to the home that is rated slower than comcast cable by speedtest.net. Please don't praise our backward maintaining cell companies, both ATT and VZ. They are being forced to upgrade and not doing it pro-actively, but re-actively.
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