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NO freakin way VZ is able to do that. They just started and they are behind Sprint in the rollout. VZ also stopped rolling out FIOS, the fiber to the home that is rated slower than comcast cable by speedtest.net. Please don't praise our backward maintaining cell companies, both ATT and VZ. They are being forced to upgrade and not doing it pro-actively, but re-actively.
Apple is not a free distribution network. You want to use itunes to distribute your app but not pay for the bits, use some other service. Otherwise, please pay the ferryman, Mr Publisher.
Don't think it even phases Apple. If you jailbreak, warranty is voided and Apple saves time and resources having to support another phone. Unlocking? You'd still have to buy a phone so it doesn't affect revenue. AT&T might even be happy if some folks migrated off their network.
Should be a Apple-HP alliance to develop compatible apps for both platform; to counter the back-stabbing Google dark empire.
where are the red t-shirt made in china, designed in CA apple uniforms. would've been cool to see those. guess hk is still independent in spirit.
And it's all Free, now! (response to Google) .....or 29.99 annually
Doesn't seem like a lot for 5 countries. Maybe July pre-orders will be better.
Great. Since everyone decided not to honor Steve's request, looks like Apple will not offer the keynote video on their website due to the presentation difficulties. Steve will not release any subpar material. Thanks a lot gizmodoans.
Using this as a challenge, decided to test and see how hard it would be to do this. 1. googled iphone 3gs jailbreak. 2. 5 min later, downloaded spirit. 3. Unzipped spirit, opened app and clicked on jailbreak. About 3-5 min process. 4. iphone reboots, jailbroken verified by cydia app on the phone. 5. launched cydia, downloaded mywi. Total time involved 15-20 min. Conclusion: I am become darth iphoner.
This is the genius of the new att plan, you can have the grandfathered unlimited plan without tethering. If you want to tether, you lose your old unlimited plan and must go with the 2gb plan + tether. Either way you look at this plan, you are screwed....and att will be smiling as they do it.
New Posts  All Forums: