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In 2010, Apple intro "lightpeak" in the new mac mini, signaling the end of FW and USB and eSata, and ...
Hmmm, looks like citrix will be getting more revenue courtesy of Apple. Naturally, haters of all things apple will see this as Apple exercising its monopolistic powers.
Relax people. In 20 years, China will be the new global economic leader in personal spending. The US will be relegated to being the new cheap manufacturing destination for all the electronic products. We will get our fair shot at being the toxic waste dump for the world. My tarot cards have given me this glimpse of the future.
Can't wait to hear GOOG's explanation as to why this open source device is locked down to VZ only service. And which company is going to provide email only support?
first, change the name. we can't champion something we can't even pronounce. that's why the iceland volcano never went viral.
my safari slaps your firefox with 113 on a mac mini. must be somethin wrong with the test page. I thought safari supports aac, but the test says it doesn't.
How is swapping your sim card from iPhone to iPad saving you money. This is overseas charging, so the best cost-saving measure would be buying a sim overseas in the country you're visiting and using it in the iPad since it's unlocked. When you return, swap the sim out again. Someday, we will have a worldwide EU market for data. Just before we land the first manned Mars mission.
This just in. Across the street from Gizmodo, Engadget staff are seen opening bottles of champagne and lining up chairs in front of their windows. Is this a coincidence?
I think the fact that you made Steve call you instead of just giving up the iPhone probably made this a reality. And it really didn't help that you made that snarky remark when posting the letter from Apple's attorney requesting the phone back.
Is Gizmodo not in the fire now that they've posted more of Apples trade secrets after being informed of ownership?
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