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NCIS/Criminal Minds/Mentalist and I'm in like Flint
Doesn't matter Mr Kindle....If all it does is books, it will remain a niche product. Bring the cost down to under 100 bucks and make deals with schools. Of course, lack of multimedia is necessary to be the next "walkman".
No such thing as a stable OS. With continued upgrades to hardware and new software constantly being added, OSs are stuck in an endless update loop.
Who are these "officials" who've been officially notified of the actual product? How is it that we're now confirming rumors by referring to other rumors? Shouldn't the confirmation of the event be the actual invite sent out to the pundits?
Yep, I buy from them, no sales tax for me in Kalifornia. Just received my iMac i5 quad. Shoulda waited another 2 weeks. ! got a 100 rebate, now it's 180. my iMac..sweet, no issues with cracked glass or DOA. perfect thanxgiving for me...got it just this past Tuesday
So, it's not enough to be just a robber with a gun. You gotta have knowledge of current & new technology.
Did we ask for these? Hasn't everyone moved to cell phones as their email client? How about an outlook client for cell phones, instead.
Have we forgotten Verizons own app program announcement? The iPhone is not going to VZ.
Why don't they just put "beta" in the product name. You're asking for a lawsuit if you don't.
And the reason why the story came out Saturday is not because the shareholders meeting is on Wednesday, right? Riiiight. Way to stoke the fire for hits, Mr Cringely. You sir got class.
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