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And the reason why the story came out Saturday is not because the shareholders meeting is on Wednesday, right? Riiiight. Way to stoke the fire for hits, Mr Cringely. You sir got class.
42-60in screen is optimal. It would make Spaces obsolete.
Other pc makers use the chipset, as well. I'm waiting for (hoping) that the 9400m chips find their way into the next gen mac minis. That's all that I need. Wish Apple would show some love on this and release the mac mini 3.0 next month.
This is the reason why I think MS will release Win 7 this fall (Sep-Dec). Win 7 runs on netbooks with just 1GB of memory while Vista doesn't. Doing so will allow MS to kill XP and force OEMs to start releasing Win7 netbooks. Plus, they can't afford to waste the opportunity of the holiday sales. It's not a matter of they want to, but rather, they have to release Win 7.
What the hell is a MacTouch and were can I see a pix of it in the wild. How come the rumor sites don't mention it?
add to title - " or is the economy to blame?" I really don't mind paying 800 dollars for a mac netbook/tablet iphone. At least I'd know that there was an effort into getting the hardware working right and designed for ease of use. I just bought a MSI Wind netbook. Why it doesnt have an intel wifi chip is beyond me. It's a frackin' Intel atom chip after all (How about a centrino mini, Intel). Took me 2 days of wrangling to get the wifi working. I played with the...
Do we really need to cite the Enquirer for tech stories? Is there no minimum standards @ AI?
How about a one time, one day only, recession recognition discount. Macbooks for 899. Both in-store and online sale. That 100 dollar crap only covers sales tax. Show some love, Apple.
Don't knock them. MS could have something going with the real Vista OS (Windows 7). I found it online and have been using it and it's pretty fast. Works in VMware with no issue (this is how I know it's Vista cause VMWare says it's Vista during the install). If the gold master can truly be installed on a netbook with 1gb ram, then it will be a decent PC. Obviously, the first thing a user does when you boot it up is to install FF3 and Safari. IE is just to clunky to...
Why don't they target more serious issues like how to recycle these damn electronics. Create a recylcling program to encourage Joe sixpack to bring his broken electronics to a recycling center. Give electronic stores some incentive to being a recycling drop-off location. In the US, we get credit for returning used car batteries to the auto parts store, why not do that for these toxic products. And who the hell walks around with an extra battery in their pocket. ...
New Posts  All Forums: