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Sounds more like a stipulated agreement between Apple and ATT to offer this service for the iphone. I don't it's a coincidence that the UK is providing the free wifi to iphone users as well.
3g will still be actively looking for a signal so obviously it's gonna drain power.
Apple should have put the "beta" tag to this rollout to alleviate the "postal worker like" lashing from the mob. Did anyone really expect this rollout to go without a hitch? If you guys expect a perfect world, ask God to rollback creation and start over.
More than likely, Apple found out about Rogers' price plans, realized they weren't going to sell that many iPhones because of the phone plans, and diverted the shipment to Sweden or whereever. There are sellers markets and Canada isn't one of them.
I hope you guys uninstalled flash 9 b4 installing flash 10 beta. Youtube works ok on mine.
So the best iPHone plan goes to Holland...congrats. 2nd best goes to At&t. Everyone else is getting screwed. It's too bad that such a good product is handicapped by the stores selling them. Way to go, Telcos. That's why we all love you.
I sure hope you have that in writing. You're not dealing with Apple's genius bar. Did you notice the forked tongue or not.
Why do we keep hearing that Europeans have better, cheaper, more widespread cell service? From these iPhone price plans, it sounds like the have the same service provider as our northern Canadian friends do. Do the Europeans make more money, thus, can pay for these service plans?
What crackberry 'ave you been inhaling. 5-year wait for the iPhone. Where you there in the R&D lab when the iPhone idea was developed. Quit contributing negative chi on the iPhone experience with FUD data
can someone explain why multimedia content is not considered data, so it shouldn't be included with the unlimited data? Is there such a thing as a multimedia router that routes multimedia signal? Are they using different packet headers? what?
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