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This seems to be a common misconception. Supporting OpenGL 4 simply means adding the missing functions and definitions to the API, no need to rewrite anything. It would simply not affect any other part of the system whatsoever.
Thanks for the reply, my thread on macrumors got deleted for some reason, so I started a new one :) I don't think the users there appreciate the magnitude of this.   I've posted a bug report about this (not that they don't know about it, just trying to do *something* about it), problem id 11915692.   The reason I'm so worked up about this is that I just came across it by accident, it did not even cross my mind that the driver would not expose all hardware...
Here's something that I discovered accidentally: OS X doesn't support OpenGL 4! All you get is 3.2, which was recently supported through Lion. WTF Apple?!? Support for the latest OpenGL version supported on your GPU is something you take for granted on any other OS. I don't think Apple even sells a computer that doesn't have an OpenGL 4.0 capable GPU, so there's really no excuse for this. I was looking forward to getting a new MacBook Pro or Air and playing around with...
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