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I've had to quit and relaunch Mavericks' Mail.app in order to get new messages on standard IMAP servers running Courier that are not Gmail. Seems pretty simple to understand to me.I'm going to go talk to adults now. Run along and play.
Thread title: "Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 with fixes for Wi-Fi, wake from sleep"In this specific discussion, we were talking about Mavericks' version of Mail.app.How old are you, 12?
Look, Mavericks on the whole is a fine product, and probably the best OS X release since Snow Leopard overall. However, its version of Mail.app is wonky in ways that Mountain Lion's wasn't and Yosemite's hopefully won't be, and not only when dealing with Google's servers, and that's just a fact.Your posting style has very little to do with "Truth" in any context other than an Orwellian or possibly religious fundamentalist one. Basically, all you ever do is shower abuse on...
Then how come I've had it happen with my bog-standard Courier IMAP server?
"And what exactly is broken [in an e-mail program]? Don't bother saying [the protocol needed to download e-mail]."What the hell, dude?Anyway, to answer your question, Mail.app in 10.9.3 often seemed to get stuck in a state where it doesn't detect new mail coming in. Quitting the app and restarting it was sometimes necessary to get it to notice that you'd gotten an e-mail, and otherwise it'd just happily claim there were no new messages. It was pretty irritating if you were...
Here's a chflags workaround that persists across reboots. Just copy this into a .plist file and put it in your LaunchDaemons folder (with the correct permissions). This one's to show the ~/Library folder, but you can adapt it to show any folder that Apple decides to hide.Code:
HyperCard was such a great app. It was a real shame when they cancelled the planned QuickTime-based successor to it. It was great for doing quick-and-dirty tasks, and was brilliant as an introduction to object-oriented programming.: raises hand :
It's really not. I bought and installed a RAM upgrade for my ex last year (and a fine expenditure of money that was, sigh) when her MBP with 4 GB in it was running like $#!&. She wasn't even running anything other than Word, Chrome, and Preview (with a few PDF files open). Nothing comparable to FCP, and it was paging so badly that it would take 30+ seconds just to switch from one app to another. Launching a new app (even if it was something small like System Preferences)...
The rMBP is pretty easy to carry around... until you pick up an MBA, and then then the rMBP feels huge. Those things really are crazy small (although I still bought an rMBP, because I need the GPU to test against for development purposes).Too bad the Best Buy deal doesn't include any of the 8 GB models. 4 GB has been pretty unusable since at least 2012, but that wasn't a problem back when you could just put more in yourself. *sigh* The Apple refurb store has some better...
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