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There sure is. It's called USB-C.
Oh, I'm sure that, like FireWire, it'll hang around for a while. However, this is the beginning of the end. If TB couldn't attract more than a tiny number of manufacturers to make peripherals when it was standard equipment on the entire Mac lineup, it's certainly not going to do any better now that it's destined to be found exclusively on high-end machines that hardly anyone has. Thunderbolt was never able to achieve a level of success even comparable to what FireWire had,...
Funny how a month ago, predicting Thunderbolt's obviously inevitable demise in favor of USB on this site would get you slammed, called a "troll", and subjected to a massive pile-on from people claiming that USB in fact needed to be killed off and that we would all be using Thunderbolt for mice in the future — and now this is right on the front page.
Minus the walls. Android allows its users to download and install apps from wherever they want, like on a Mac, or to use third-party app stores.Also, the rules appear to be a lot less stringent:https://play.google.com/about/developer-content-policy.htmlIt's mostly banning malware, spam, and illegal and/or abusive practices.
That... is creepy as hell.
Well, the tree that Spotlight uses is going to look something like this. So, let's suppose the keywords you've found are "ant", "bear", "cat", "dog", "eagle", "fish", "gecko", "iguana", "jellyfish", "koala", "llama", and "monkey." The tree could look something like...
Safari has a far smaller set of data to search over. Spotlight, Finder search, etc. have to search the entire computer, and they use an index to do so. The standard data structure to use for an index like that is a B-tree. Without going heavily into the gory details of how a B-tree works, finding a leaf node in a B-tree as they are usually implemented requires comparing your search term against keys in the branch nodes to decide which branch below that node to take, which...
Do the charger, display adapter, etc. work with a USB hub? I.e., can you use things like this hard disk simultaneously with the computer charging and while having a display attached?
They probably will be.
Not really, they'll just buy something else.In addition to everything else, this thing appears to have a glass back. Ugh. Worst design feature ever. If you drop the thing, double the chance that you'll end up with shattered glass. I've never understood that design "feature" on any the phones that have had it (including the iPhone 4 and Nexus 4).
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