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Dude... I'm not even an iPhone guy, at all, and I'll admit that the 6 is a nice looking phone, and definitely better looking than any of the previous iPhones.Also, these new Nexi are pretty ugly TBH. Google should have stuck with Motorola; the only thing these new ones have on last year's Nexus 6, really, is the fingerprint scanner.Have you actually gotten that to work properly? if so, how'd you do it? Trusted Places hardly ever seems to work for me; stays locked even when...
Unfortunately, Android Pay requires the phone to have a passcode set.(Which is stupid; Google Wallet was able to have its own, separate passcode that allowed you not to have to worry about locking the phone itself).
I wouldn't expect that one to go platinium.Schal we cleaue faste to all þe Middle English spellings, then? Sertes ye koude, al be ywls it wol be unnethe understandable.
The original namer did not finally settle on aluminium. He settled on aluminum in 1812. The site that you found via Google is wrong. "Aluminium" was come up with by someone else, who was not the original namer, and in fact we don't know who he or she was because s/he was anonymous.You're really a spelling expert, aren't you.
Regardless, "aluminum" came before "aluminium," and that name was given by a respected and influential scientist who happens to be the guy who discovered the stuff. "Aluminium" came later, apparently by an anonymous (according to Wikipedia) contributor to the Quarterly Review, which Wikipedia calls a "literary and political periodical" (so, not even a scientific journal), who felt snobby about an element name not ending with "ium", although inconsistently so, since he...
They didn't. "Aluminum" is the original title of the element as published by Sir Humphrey Davy (himself a Brit) in 1812. It was only later that you guys decided you needed to add an "i" in there, as apparently just ending with "um" doesn't sound "elementy" enough. Why you didn't similarly object to platinum, molybdenum, tantalum, or lanthanum is something we'll never know.
It's even better when Americans give titles of things that are in other languages, because then they'll tend to capitalize everything, even things like prepositions and articles that wouldn't get capitalized in a typical US English title. This happens a lot with classical music on CDDB, where you'll often see things like "Prélude À L’Après-Midi D’Un Faune" or "Molto Allegro E Con Brio." Drives me bats.
That sure never happens on this board!
Marty did a lot! He went on the adventure! He drove the machine to the past, gave 1955 Doc Brown the confidence to figure out what to do, came up with the idea to use the lightning strike to get the machine going again, and did a helluva lot of thinking on his feet to make it all happen. Without Marty, there'd be no movie. But without Doc Brown, there'd be no reason to make the movie.
I don't really agree. I'd think that a guy who's invented a computer would have at least as easy a time finding someone else to tell him, "Hey, this thing you made is great, and you should sell it," as it would be for some random 22-year-old hippie with no experience, no name recognition, and little money to find a genius engineer who could invent a computer from the ground up, hardware and software, and go on to almost single-handedly create a follow-up product that was...
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