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They still haven't added transit directions to the thing? Wow.
If you read the source article, the author says that he knows it works at least as far back as Lion, because that's how far back he tested. He didn't test Snow Leopard, so whether it works there is unknown.At any rate, Snow Leopard has been officially unsupported since late last year, which means it's probably full of other security flaws that haven't been patched by now. You really should upgrade your Mac.
Intercept network traffic and steal your credit card information. Sniff through the swapfiles to find passwords to read password protected documents. Replace the software that pops up the password prompts, so that when you enter a password you give it to the bad guys instead. Disguise other malware to make it almost impossible to detect. Screw with the system keychain. Install malware so deep in the system that you'll never find it and root it out. Infect every single...
Accessing stuff in the current user's home folder has nothing to do with either admin or root access.
What? No, you don't. Apps only have admin access if you run under an admin account, and even then they don't have root access unless you specifically authorize them by entering your password.When you give root access to all running apps, you essentially have Windows XP. There never were any problems on that OS, were there?
The 2008 MacBook Air wasn't a very big seller, though; more people opted for the regular white MacBook, which was much cheaper at the time, and actually more powerful. The Air didn't become what it is now until the 2010 and 2011 models, which added a second USB port and brought the price down to the white MacBook's level. We might have a similar situation here, with a few more revisions needed before this thing really takes off.Still, though, at least it doesn't have an...
The whole service's lifetime will probably be measured in months, not years.
Has to be an April Fool's prank. Who looks at a 5K screen and goes "You know, I don't think the resolution on this thing is high enough"?
There sure is. It's called USB-C.
Oh, I'm sure that, like FireWire, it'll hang around for a while. However, this is the beginning of the end. If TB couldn't attract more than a tiny number of manufacturers to make peripherals when it was standard equipment on the entire Mac lineup, it's certainly not going to do any better now that it's destined to be found exclusively on high-end machines that hardly anyone has. Thunderbolt was never able to achieve a level of success even comparable to what FireWire had,...
New Posts  All Forums: