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That would be like introducing innovative new horse carriages after the advent of the automobile. It's not going to happen.
USB 3.1 Type C will be able to do something else, however, that Thunderbolt has never managed to do.Get people to actually use it.
It also seems easier on the battery than normal calling, so that's a benefit too.
I don't think I'd get very far with that suggestion. I use Pages too, but Word is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon for most people.
That's just because the SSD in the MBA is fast enough that you're not noticing the paging as badly. My SO had a MBP with 4 GB and a hard drive, and all she had open was Word, Chrome, Preview, and Mail, and it would page so badly that it would take approximately a minute each time she switched apps. Opening new applications was a nightmare, even if it was something small like System Preferences. Upgrading to 8 GB, of course, fixed it.Technology marches on, and by now it's...
This is a good change. Hopefully they will bump the baseline on the lower-end models to 8 GB as well. 4 GB is not a usable amount of RAM on modern OS X versions, and since it's non-upgradable, 8 GB really needs to be the minimum.
I've had to quit and relaunch Mavericks' Mail.app in order to get new messages on standard IMAP servers running Courier that are not Gmail. Seems pretty simple to understand to me.I'm going to go talk to adults now. Run along and play.
Thread title: "Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 with fixes for Wi-Fi, wake from sleep"In this specific discussion, we were talking about Mavericks' version of Mail.app.How old are you, 12?
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