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It doesn't cycle when the iPhone or iPad get launched... 
The iMac only got a front cover large photo for 1 day... 1 day. That speaks volumes about the future of Mac to me.    http://www.apple.com/
So will they be available on the online store at 12:00am EST or PST? I wantz to know. 
Do we have any confirmation of whether or not the fusion drive on the 27in model will be a 5400rpm or 7400rpm ATA? 
  If you're going to be a grammar nazi, you should be forced to refer to your self-esteem in the past tense. 
  THIS.    The sad part is that this rumor could quite easily prove to be true. I'm guessing it's more or less unsubstantiated, but the three weeks of not a single iMac available for online purchase is strange. Something is happening behind the scenes, and someone is sitting in their corporate office sweating bullets, because this clearly did not go according to plan. 
I think his point is why simply one or the other. Which is a problem that many of us are coming back to with the iMac. Although the new design is sexy, it does sacrifice the ability to upgrade RAM on the 21.5 in model and it removed the ODD (not a problem for me, but some are upset about that). And why simply 1tb, or 3tb, or a 1tb fusion or 3tb fusion or 768gb of flash (which is going to be REALLY pricey.   Personally, I would prefer a 256 straight SSD drive, but I am...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXGUNvIFTQw ?
Dear Apple,   On your website, it said the 21.5in model will be available in November. It has been November for 7 days now. Just saying.   Sincerely,   Pinkunicorn
The problem with most Thunderbolt drives (aside from the price of course) is that the hard drive is just not fast enough to make sense for Thunderbolt most of the time (unless it's a SSD, and then we're really talking pricey).   Unless you're using a RAID, a good 1-2 TB drive with a USB3.0 connection is the way to go IMHO.  
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