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  I like how you didn't even touch the D4 ram comment... lawlz
If the iMac were to come out now, is it worth buying at this point given that Ivy Bridge is already half a year old and Haswell is expected out in Q2 of 2013?    Why would Apple ship a "new" computer with rapidly aging parts that will be outdated in 6 months?
Surely the change in power usage with Ivy Bridge played a factor in the availability of retina in a notebook, but you're right: the question still remains is there enough "umph" at a cost effective point for a 13in enclosure. 
  What does that mean exactly? Are they being sent to warehouses/stores? 
1 example of a $2,000+ display: http://www.necdisplay.com/p/pa301w-bk   (yes, it's professional, but retina moves into professional realm IMO). 
  I think I just started crying tears of joy lol... 
So where does this leave the 13in Retina MacBook, iMac, and MacPro launches?
  As someone who has been using my university's 27in iMacs for the past 4 years and has been very spoiled by that, I hope it's the later. I would love a cheaper 27in monitor. They're just SO PRETTY. 
This one: 
1 more point in the optical drive debate: in 2-5 years, everyone will be storing all their files on cloud storage anyway. It's already happening. We will use external drives for data back up files, the internal drive for applications, and the cloud for large files. 
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