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http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_mac/mac_accessories/storage    The fact that you can already buy a 1tb hard drive for around $100 means that they will soon be $50, and then $25 ect ect. Also a hard drive is far smaller than a stack of dvds (especially if you have cases) and easier to organize. Hello the future... I mean present. 
  Agreed. Because who wouldn't want to spend $50 on the cable alone... 
  Question: you make it sound as though you think that Apple didn't intend screen lamination to require such a hefty redesign. Do you speculate that they ran into some bumps along the way and had to change the design dramatically? Is that why it's taking so long? 
Also, Steve Jobs was not the only reason that Apple was successful. He clearly helped turn the company back around, but it's not a 1 man show. 
As an FCP7 editor, I really don't want this to devolve into an FCPX debate, but you should really check out AutoDesk's Smoke. It's going to completely change the industry instead of just making iMovie2.0 http://usa.autodesk.com/smoke-for-mac/      And I see your point, and hopefully you're right. I just find it hard to believe we're going to be getting something totally unique and new with 0 rumors floating about. It's 2 months away. We heard MBP rumors back in February....
  Most people have speculated a redesign next year. Most likely because we're not sure if a retina display is the best option for the iMac at this time (affordability/gpu).   I'm clearly new here, but wouldn't we have heard something if a redesign were coming? We hear iPhone rumors 6 months in advance about redesigns. Mysterious new parts would have surfaced by now surely.    Who knows, it's not the first time Apple has surprised us. 
  Essentially we're going to get an iMac with some nice new features (USB 3.0, Ivy Bridge, ect) but a computer that easily could have come out in May or June.    Either Apple has something up their sleeve or they waited an extra 4 months for no particular reason. 
So why wait until September to release the iMac? We've heard no rumors about a redesign (everyone suspects that will happen with Haswell). Why drag their feet on this? What was the point? 
New Posts  All Forums: