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Now I get how Apple is making all that revenue. When Apple's site says I can get an iphone 4s for $0... what they really mean is they are going to charge me $450 for that $0 phone. It makes perfect sense. They rip you off, thanks for clarifying. 
 Exactly! Who in their right mind would EVER buy a phone that cost you less than $50. It would have to be complete and total garbage. Phones like these should never be considered smart phones. Cut these crap phones from all reporting metrics... 
Yes, you can polish a turd. It has been done.
 Almost every store and shop I go into now days has the NFC capable point of sale systems. I will be sure to tell their manager that allenbf said this is dead and they should rip it off the counter. That is too bad because I use NFC wallet everyday. I guess there is no room in this world for technology that does not come from Apple.
No No No... the C stands for "Connect Four". It is right there on the back of the phone.  
 You mean morons like this? 
You forgot one important aspect... ​This would be considered the most beautiful piece of engineering in the world.It is so revolutionary and innovative that it will "heal the sick and feed the poor" 
  You are more likely to get a virus if you root her than if you rooted the phone...
  Considering the obesity problem in the US, this might not be a bad thing.
I guess there is money to be made in only shipping phones and never selling them.
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