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Any number of reasons someone could choose to leave. Maybe it was having to be focused on the bottom line and ROI, deadline pressure, laser focused on a few products or problems, management, co-workers, pay, location, drunken mistake, etc. 
 That is funny I have been doing that for about a year now and I would get the opposite... "It is an Android and they look at their iPhone with disappointment" So, welcome to the club.
 Don't use logic to mess up mstone's argument. Besides we cant look at that image because it will take your credit card. Just like the site that asks you to hold up a driver's license to calibrate the scale on your monitor. It will suck your credit card number right through the screen.
And 35 other bugs that Project Zero notified Apple about and were fixed.
 I am not a google shareholder, I don't read their SEC filings and I know where their money is generated. Who doesn't? So the qualifiers at the beginning of your statement are completely meaningless. How they go about aggregating and segmenting the audience has never been fully understood by many people here "That Evil company sells my personal information to spammers, but I got my tinfoil hat".
 http://www.att.com/gen/privacy-policy?pid=13692#menu QUESTIONS ABOUT MY INFORMATION & ADVERTISING Do you use my information to send me advertising? Yes. We may use information like the preferences you have expressed and interests you have demonstrated on our websites, in our stores and through use of our products and services, to provide you with marketing information and advertisements for AT&T products and services. Those ads may be delivered on our websites and mobile...
 Dumb ass kid has a net worth of $33.3 billion. Pretty good for a dumb ass. I guess he just got lucky or no it was all handed to him... no no he just slapped his keyboard a few times and it appeared.
 Wait, I thought this never happened "No Way"So Apple did do this?
 Starving and killing puppies is evil. Cold blooded murder and beheadings are evil. What you described is not evil, it is called business.You are delusional is you think Apple and every other company out there is just happy go lucky "Peace Love and Happiness" when it comes to generating more revenue.
 So Apple's patent and R&D shops have gone from innovating to simply taking out patents with the intent of blocking where Google MIGHT be going? Interesting.
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