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 Dumb ass kid has a net worth of $33.3 billion. Pretty good for a dumb ass. I guess he just got lucky or no it was all handed to him... no no he just slapped his keyboard a few times and it appeared.
 Wait, I thought this never happened "No Way"So Apple did do this?
 Starving and killing puppies is evil. Cold blooded murder and beheadings are evil. What you described is not evil, it is called business.You are delusional is you think Apple and every other company out there is just happy go lucky "Peace Love and Happiness" when it comes to generating more revenue.
 So Apple's patent and R&D shops have gone from innovating to simply taking out patents with the intent of blocking where Google MIGHT be going? Interesting.
 Brace yourself then because I have some bad news for you... You already live in a world where business is done by text message.
 Because there are no other countries out there in the world right? Only Murica! Also, please tell me again where the vast majority of Apple's huge stockpile of cash is located? Where the iPhone is manufactured and by who?
 So Android is now the benchmark by which all Apple products are measured? Interesting.Negative thing about Apple? Go to response is "but android". Does that help the pill go down? If Apple is the "leader" I would figure you would want to measure against the leader?
 You might want to actually know what you are talking about. That or get your eyes checked.Also you CAN NOT install apps incompatible with your device   You will notice that Install is grayed out and I am not able to install this app.
This was a result of Apple figuring out how to tap into a new market. The deceased.  http://blog.sfgate.com/dailydish/2014/09/21/joan-rivers-surprises-facebook-followers-with-iphone-6-post/   George Washington and Mark Twain also posted how they love the new iPhone 6. It is much better than their old iPhone 5. They both bought every phone in the store.
So last week there were 3 Samsung trade-ins and this week 9? or was it 10,000,000 and 90,000,000. Where are the numbers and not just "threefold" Playing the week over week or year over year percent increase game. Need to know were it started or ended.   Complete Fluff to advertise AppleInsider partner Gazelle
New Posts  All Forums: