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  Exactly, without this information it would would have been harder to point the finger at iOS 6.1. Thus making it Microsoft's fault that all the servers started having issues.
  Oh yeah, you are right I am just kidding. No other company in the world can ever use quality parts but Apple (Apple products are made with Samsung, LG, etc. parts). No other phone can use Gorilla Glass. Quality is only defined as an Aluminum case then? Not Kevlar? I guess a microarc oxidation process to an aluminum case removes the "quality" since we already defined quality as being made of aluminum.   You are right. No other company in the word does R&D. Everything we...
  Lots of opinion and citation needed on those features/claims.
  Is this is a serious post? If so it is absolutely hilarious!
    Yeah, it makes me laugh every time I read something on here from the dedicated Apple users and Android haters about what the platform or devices can or cannot do. The people that say they would never touch an android device or even acknowledge its existence. I am sure they are well educated on the subject matter and certainly have no bias.
  Really? I think the only people that have interpreted it that way are hyper sensitive Apple fans that just look for anything to bash Samsung over.   This is a jab at the NFL and has been a long running joke. The local radio station here has done this joke for years, long before the Apple and Samsung legal war. Every year when the station does a promo for the game or talks about it they make the same jokes.   So by the same logic the local radio station here is now an...
    I want to know where this imaginary warehouse is that Samsung, Amazon, HTC, etc. apparently ship devices too and store for eternity, while the world only buys iPhones and iPads.   If that is the case then this is the best business model ever. You can just ship devices, never have to sell anything to anyone and make billions of dollars. Brilliant! I hope Samsung patents this before Apple does.   If you listen to the people on this site you would think Samsung is...
Yes, causing people to be stranded in the middle of nowhere 40 miles from your intended destination and making them walk miles to get rescued is EXCATLY the same as not indicating a one-way road.   I don’t know how many times I have nearly died from dehydration because I went the wrong way on a street. Thank god for the rescue helicopter pilots, I don’t know what I would have done that time I went south on Madison Ave.  
    So what you are saying is that Apple's board is incompetent, got it. Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering.
    Yep, you are right… no wait the other thing, wrong and annoying as usual.   “Overall, the Nexus 10 results show us some real promise for what we can expect from ARM Cortex A15 based SoCs. The potential upside to this new architecture is huge.”  -anandtech.com      
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