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  You are more likely to get a virus if you root her than if you rooted the phone...
  Considering the obesity problem in the US, this might not be a bad thing.
I guess there is money to be made in only shipping phones and never selling them.
    Completely different.   Neimann Marcus is a specialty store with significantly fewer locations. They only have 42 locations nationwide. They are also a private company.   Not even in the same league or market. They are selling specialty luxury brands not Levi, Dockers, IZOD, etc.   So what you are saying is that JCP needed to close 96% of their 1,100 stores. Then convince their board that they are going from $17 billion in revenue to $4 billion in revenue?   Also they...
The Apple premium model will never work in a department store. He should have known that from the start (too much time in a RDF). The premium model works for Apple because Apple is a brand and they have high loyalty and strict control over distribution and pricing.   Why would people pay $50 more for a product at JCP's store-within-a-store, when they can in 4 minutes walk to the other department store and buy the EXACT product for less?   JCP is not a product...
  Those must be the phones that are shipped by the millions but are never sold. They are in a warehouse in Nevada.
  Wow, I need to do better research next time. I got gypped! I did not get any of those features with my Android. oh well.
  Please show me where Google claimed its search engine was open.
  Why did you just contradict yourself there when you claim Android is not open?
  Whoever said that their search algorithms was open source? I am sure it is a great business model to just release to the public the core of your product. Just think about all the companies out there that do that? Coke, Apple, Corning, etc.
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