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655.57 billions, does it include the shares owned by Apple itself?
Let's say Apple want to buy every remaining stock, and everybody agrees on selling it at the current price. How much would they have to spend? Give or take a few billions :)
 You don't seem to understand my point.You put in high value what you call the "secular democracy", against the "fundamentalist insanity". Fine. I certainly do not value our secular democracy, because the actual elective system certainly doesn't match what I would call a democratic system, however it is a completely different subject. I might open another thread to explain my view about it.  You don't seem to understand my point, because what I am trying to explain, is...
I'm not sure I understand your point. You have an absolute right to think whatever you want of any religion, but what is exactly the problem with the evil carried through Islam in Indonesia? (again, world number 1 muslim country) Also...  Let's think about the middle east, what about giving a try and replace in that sentence I quoted muslim by americans and Islam by USA? What did the USA (with our european countries) brought to the middle east, except chaos and destruction? 
I don't really see a question, do you just want us to share some thought?   For me the real deal is not about radical or moderate or atheist or racist or anything. It's all about context.   About islam, yeah we often associate the arabic/persian/muslim world as a terrorist tank. And it is indeed! No need to look very hard to find people willing to die. Now the point where I would disagree with most, is when one's explain that because of the religion. FYI Indonesia and...
You are a genius!
Even though the review says it's so-so, I would like to decide myself.   Here is what my itunes looks like, as I understand the album should be here. It is a screen capture I just took right now.     And on the store it says that I bought it, as it should be:     And when I go to my account to see hidden bought article, there is nothing in the music section:     But it does display correctly hidden article in the movies section (the christmas freebie Home...
4th menu, 6th item. Gosh. You are the man. You are the man. You are the man!   Translation looks too different, that's why I couldn't find it, I really need to make the move to english! Thank you so much ^^    Because I'm curious, what is it exactly that the Gentle Status Bar does that the Status bar don't? I must admit I also didn't understand the sentence "though it’s still natively a permanent fixture". You can't turn on and off that bar, and being a native option...
Interesting, but what is the path to activate the Status Bar? I can't find it (my settings are in french, and the translation might be too different).   This Gentle Status Bar do exactly what I want, but what is the need if that status bar can do it already. (especially since that extension is not on apple website, is it paranoid to install only from official sources?)
It's kind of annoying that before I click on a link I can't see the URL for which this link will send me to. Anyone knows how to enable that?   Thanks!
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