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It's time to improve the jack.
One thing I forgot! Price and storage. The base Air is 999/128, the Macbook is 1299/256, the Pro is 1299/128. We can see that it kinds of fits between the two lines, as even though you get more storage than the Pro you also loose a lot of power/options/screen size, etc. I would follow a similar pricing. Make it as expensive as the base iPhone 6 Plus, while upping the storage, so if Apple keep it’s current pricing and storage system it would be: iPhone 6S: 649/16 iPhone...
As we know, Apple like to sometime take bold, unthinkable steps. The Macbook, the (not so) new Mac Pro, the first Air, removing legacy ports, etc... Bold moves, expensive machines, pushing the industry forward, while keeping older product around for those who can't or won't accept the downsides of such new products. The iPhone as we know it today will only see iterative improvements. It will keep on getting faster and better, but what can be really changed, design and...
Why not Korea??
I think they make up what they loose with quantity.  Any advices about which are the games not to miss?
Is that technically feasible? Sounds like a very, very good idea (and would make the european commission happy)
Hello guys,   I always got very good advice from this forum, so here I am again.   I recently started to buy apps, and games, as I find out that a great app is often a paid app, and why not rewarding the developer, as well as enjoying something without advertisement or an annoying freemium business model.   So what are your best investments when it comes down to the app you bought?   I'll start.   Anki, quite expensive, but a tool I use everyday since many years...
 I've never took the time to thank you, mostly because I was delaying the app purchase. I bought it last week, and it does a fantastic job, it's just perfect. So thank you for your valuable recommendation :) And for anyone passing by, I recommend the app ("stacks converter"), it really do the job.
Hello, Is it possible to add a "dictionary" so that when I want to "define" a currency on safari on iPad or iPhone, or some imperial measures, then the "definition" will bring up the equivalent measure in metrics or the currency in dollars or euros? That would be really cool feature, as I was browsing the Korean Apple Store and I wanted to know the price of the computers in euros to see the difference with the European Apple Stores without using Google. Thanks
Considering their philosophy for the camera, which is not going over 8 mega pixels because it's already enough, but rather improving other parts of the camera, we can expect that they would rather improve the battery life rather than marginally improving the screen pixels density.
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