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Hello guys,   I always got very good advice from this forum, so here I am again.   I recently started to buy apps, and games, as I find out that a great app is often a paid app, and why not rewarding the developer, as well as enjoying something without advertisement or an annoying freemium business model.   So what are your best investments when it comes down to the app you bought?   I'll start.   Anki, quite expensive, but a tool I use everyday since many years...
 I've never took the time to thank you, mostly because I was delaying the app purchase. I bought it last week, and it does a fantastic job, it's just perfect. So thank you for your valuable recommendation :) And for anyone passing by, I recommend the app ("stacks converter"), it really do the job.
Hello, Is it possible to add a "dictionary" so that when I want to "define" a currency on safari on iPad or iPhone, or some imperial measures, then the "definition" will bring up the equivalent measure in metrics or the currency in dollars or euros? That would be really cool feature, as I was browsing the Korean Apple Store and I wanted to know the price of the computers in euros to see the difference with the European Apple Stores without using Google. Thanks
Considering their philosophy for the camera, which is not going over 8 mega pixels because it's already enough, but rather improving other parts of the camera, we can expect that they would rather improve the battery life rather than marginally improving the screen pixels density.
Or maybe they will just add force touch, 2go of RAM and call it a day.
Onboard flash, thats a given, but it isn't enough to make it the special feature. It's not a differentiator.   FM radio, I would like it, but if it wasn't there when most of us had no 3G data plan, I don't see the point of putting it now when most of us can just stream music and radio from the internet.   Now an optical zoom, that's an idea. (is it any different than a telephoto lens?) Since the camera already protrude, it would be very cool to have some kind of...
Speed for the 3GS, Siri for the 4S, Touch ID for the 5S, what is your bet for the 6S? We know it should have been Sapphire, but considering they transformed the factory into a data center I think they kind of give up on that material for the moment. So what could it be? Personally I don't believe there will be anything special, except the usual camera, speed bump. But I would love to be proven wrong in September of course!
So we have this guy from KGI security publishing so many guesses about the upcoming Apple products, but does he email it directly to Apple insider ? I can't find his blog or website on the Internet and I am really wondering where does AI takes it source from.
Would that cover the security agent problem? I have this problem since a few days, can't use the Macbook anymore...
655.57 billions, does it include the shares owned by Apple itself?
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