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I see most of you would like wireless earbud, and I do agree. However I am not so sure if it would work for most people, as it would be too easy to be lost. But let say Apple take the wireless route, it doesn't change the fact that the earphone needs cable to be charged, so the question remain: should the jack stay, or should it be ditched?   Even if I do agree that there is nothing wrong with the jack, it do has one major drawback: you can't make the future iphones...
Why isn't the reversible USB not compliant with the committee?
In twenty one days from now, Apple will reveal its new design for the iPhone 6. Of course, it will sport a jack connector, as well as the following 6S, as they usually keep the design for two years. The jack is well alive, it is the most common standard of all, but it is also the one thing that keep Apple from making their phone even thinner. Well, it could be thinner while keeping the jack, but not a lot more. It is also a very, very old technology. Apple has never been...
 Why? If it work. They don't wanna make customers happy?
    YAAAAAAAAAAAY   Upgrading from iPhone 4 (put yesterday on sale at 4pm, was sold at 8!) to iPhone 5! YAY!
Wait, about this tax story, it's already included in the price right? a 64gig is 499 + shipping, or do we have to pay more? You gave me a doubt.
Is AI going to notifies when there will be new phone on that store or should I check 4 times a day? I really want one of those, especially considering that in my country equivalent second hand iphone 5 are selling at a higher price than this one once we make the euro conversion. Not that I wanna buy just for selling, but its how much its a good deal for me.
Omg everything is already out of stock. I just paid 15mn ago for what remained (black 16go) but the transaction doesn't show up on paypal website, i dont see anything on my item purchased ebay profile. No email either. Will I get it or am I too late?
I have no numbers, I'm not trying to argue. 27 %?
 Why don't you two stop quibble and simply put up your number, it would save your bandwidth 
New Posts  All Forums: