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Is AI going to notifies when there will be new phone on that store or should I check 4 times a day? I really want one of those, especially considering that in my country equivalent second hand iphone 5 are selling at a higher price than this one once we make the euro conversion. Not that I wanna buy just for selling, but its how much its a good deal for me.
Omg everything is already out of stock. I just paid 15mn ago for what remained (black 16go) but the transaction doesn't show up on paypal website, i dont see anything on my item purchased ebay profile. No email either. Will I get it or am I too late?
I have no numbers, I'm not trying to argue. 27 %?
 Why don't you two stop quibble and simply put up your number, it would save your bandwidth 
I really, really hope all of you are right.
  Light bulbs makes... light. Don't try to be a smartass, there is no need for it. I agree, there is no "firm scientific evidence" yet. No evidence that it is harmful, and no evidence that it is harmless. And there probably won't be, since it's a billion dollars business. The lack of evidence means we simply don't know. It's up to each other to decide if they wanna try to limit at least their level of exposition for the small part they can control (for example i always...
 So we get more and more electromagnetic field all around us, days and night, more and more powerful each year -3G, 4G, wifi becoming more and more common all around-, and yet, the simple idea that this might have an effect on our body is deemed as nonsense. Is that your point? 
Using right now a 2013 retina with 4gb. I do feel sometimes that 8gb would help, but honestly I have nothing to complain about. I don't do photoshop though, only a few games (left4dead2, and portal mainly)
Macbook Air + Retina, the perfect laptop for 99% of the population :D
Pedantic... And you are the one saying so? Haha people will judge by themselves then. I will take your last statement as your way for saying let's keep going. First about your *previous* signature, I didn't know about that movie. Found some shirt on google, didn't find that movie though. Anyway. So I got your point about Agent Orange. According to your definition of what is a weapon, it makes sense. -although I do no agree with you, but let's keep it simple and stick with...
New Posts  All Forums: