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Using right now a 2013 retina with 4gb. I do feel sometimes that 8gb would help, but honestly I have nothing to complain about. I don't do photoshop though, only a few games (left4dead2, and portal mainly)
Macbook Air + Retina, the perfect laptop for 99% of the population :D
Pedantic... And you are the one saying so? Haha people will judge by themselves then. I will take your last statement as your way for saying let's keep going. First about your *previous* signature, I didn't know about that movie. Found some shirt on google, didn't find that movie though. Anyway. So I got your point about Agent Orange. According to your definition of what is a weapon, it makes sense. -although I do no agree with you, but let's keep it simple and stick with...
I wish you would start by explaining me then, unlike you I do not know everything. I would especially love you to develop about Agent Orange/white phosphorus, which I take for the perfect example for "double standard" which I think is extremely common in the US politics. (by double standard I mean "it's fine when the US/our ally does it, not fine when other does")  About destroying other countries, it can be done economically, culturally, using bombs, or a mix of the...
Just in case. I do not hate America. I actually love America, and they do have the best phone/computer company in the world :D I'm never mistaking the govt. actions and the citizens. 
  Please, go ahead, enlighten me. Which selfless am I thinking about, and which one is the real problem? But first, let's put a few things straight. USA is bombing an average of one country every two years. Since world war 2. Usa is f*cking bombing an average of one country every 2 years. You want the list?  China 1945-46Korea 1950-53China 1950-53Guatemala 1954Indonesia 1958Cuba 1959-60Guatemala 1960Belgian Congo 1964Guatemala 1964Dominican Republic 1965-66Peru 1965Laos...
And I forget to add, a complete obedience to zionism. You can't imagine how damaging it can be.
 This.  Selfishness, shortness of view, and also an astounding willingness to destroy other countries not willing to be one of their subordinates. 
Thank you Mavericks.
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