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  Someone to explain me what does he means?
What?? Lyon but not Paris?? Cologne but not Berlin?? Indianapolis but not Washington nor New-York?? Do they have any sense of priority?? I mean, Lyon! The most useless city in France
Why will it not be replaced then? It's a defect from their product!
Seriously? Wtf all of this forum keep praising Apple after sale service!
  Finally, don't you think the Imac is much better now? Come on :)
Hahahaha ok I got it it's potato! English is my second language, I must keep on improving over and over again! Thanks for the notice :)
Oh really? Seems to me that I can still buy it...   Edit:  Downloading: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address. Ok you were right. European consumer can still get screwed though!
    One thousand one star rating. But look at the 5 stars rating. They are just hilarious!
I wonder, what is the percentage of Apple shares in the hands of Apple itself? And is there anybody with more than 20% in his sole hands?
Interesting. But I bet this problem is less and less frequent and exchange is not so problematic, so maybe you should try your luck. But I do agree that a 400 pages thread means a lot.
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