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Indeed, I underlooked many things. Thank you :)
  Sorry to hear your dog just died being hit by a car, your wife cheated on you with the postman and your kid just repudiated you, what a bad day you had. I will understand and forgive you for being a little on the nerves :)
678$, isnt it a bit expensive? 
Thank you Marvin :)
http://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2013/   Im on a mac, on safari, and I only get awful music. Why? Is it because I am in France? ........................
Me, I hope Apple will double the base SSD memory on both the Air and the Pro: 128 and 256 minimum for each. Because seriously, 64 and 128? That's such a shame.
Well actually I've been doing that for some time with my previous computer lol It was running sooooo hot!!! I think if you leave the door open, with air circulation there will be no such kind of problem, isn't it?
  It's not a trick, but saying shareholders own Apple doesnt tell me who is owning Apple.   Thank you Marvin, it's a really meaningful answer, and that's excatly what I was asking for. High five!
At home, what is best to preserve the battery efficiency:   using the computer with the power plug always on   or   waiting for the battery to be depleted, charging the computer up to 100%, and keep on
  YAY! I really hope it gets true, the current one is a shame. I was the only one who was asking for an improved camera, but I guess if this happen to be true everybody will be praising it. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/157313/is-the-mbpr-webcam-keeping-up-the-comparison-with-the-iphone-5-camera#post_2325768
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