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If not the rear camera, then at least the front one? And why not bringing the Iphone camera quality to the macbookpro, it would be pretty cool.
Pretty annoying to get this big sound DOOOONNG when you start the macbook, especially in the middle of a class or in a silent library.   Any clue on how to turn it off?   Thanks
I understand, but I think you should ask confirmation whether it's a good idea or not. I heard that packing over 8GB of RAM is useful for photo/video editing, but can make the computer slower at boot and for internet browsing. So maybe she would actually be more comfortable with just 8GB.
Come on guys!
  Out of curiosity, why does your wife need 16GB?
Thank you TS.
Title say it all. When I'm reading a page and wanna make a google search over a term in the text, be it because I do not understand a word for example, I select the word or the entire expression, then I do a right click on it and select "search with google". But since I usually did not finish to read the page, I want the search to open in a new tab, not the same. Chrome does it automatically. How can it be done with safari? I looked up the preference, doesnt seem to be...
I like it gentle. I wanna control my mac with a caress, not a whip. So I always use tap to click for my trackpad. But just like now, the mac come back by itself to the traditional click on a regular basis. Why is so? I don't do anything special. It doesn't happen everyday, but at list once or twice a month. Is my mac not happy with my fingers or what?   I'm on a macbook pro 2011 Mac osX 10.6.8, if anyone got a clue... Thanks.
  Someone to explain me what does he means?
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