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I also forget to mention the country where the one time usable seed has been created, so that every year farmers got to go back and buy seeds again from Monsanto. Probably the greatest shame of all
  Omg an american calling our food junk, is it even serious? Btw, remind me the country with the highest obesity rate, the country where junk food come from and invaded the world, where almost everything you can eat is full of GMO and pesticide and where almost nobody seems to care about it? A country where drinking half a gallon of sugared water with a pound of greasy sausage is perfectly normal. Where you can find so healthy restaurant that they provide you with "heart...
I feel like creating a thread named "ZIONIST WATCH", but I'm afraid to finish my days in Guantanamo Bay
Bump, am I the only one who  wanna chat with his family with a video quality similar to what we can see on the advertisement?   Why nobody sue apple for a lying commercial.
Why don't you try running your laptop into your freezer to keep it cold, then you would definitely see if it's a thermal problem or not!
As far as I know, facetime is also for videoconference. So at least it should be at the same level as the iphone facetime camera! And although it doesn't need a higher resolution than the screen on which it is projecting (it would already be a quite high resolution on the rMBP), there is much room to improve: make the camera less laggy for example, more fluid, idk, just make the image quality better. Don't you think its would be so much more enjoyable to videocall with...
If not the rear camera, then at least the front one? And why not bringing the Iphone camera quality to the macbookpro, it would be pretty cool.
Pretty annoying to get this big sound DOOOONNG when you start the macbook, especially in the middle of a class or in a silent library.   Any clue on how to turn it off?   Thanks
I understand, but I think you should ask confirmation whether it's a good idea or not. I heard that packing over 8GB of RAM is useful for photo/video editing, but can make the computer slower at boot and for internet browsing. So maybe she would actually be more comfortable with just 8GB.
New Posts  All Forums: