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http://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2013/   Im on a mac, on safari, and I only get awful music. Why? Is it because I am in France? ........................
Me, I hope Apple will double the base SSD memory on both the Air and the Pro: 128 and 256 minimum for each. Because seriously, 64 and 128? That's such a shame.
Well actually I've been doing that for some time with my previous computer lol It was running sooooo hot!!! I think if you leave the door open, with air circulation there will be no such kind of problem, isn't it?
  It's not a trick, but saying shareholders own Apple doesnt tell me who is owning Apple.   Thank you Marvin, it's a really meaningful answer, and that's excatly what I was asking for. High five!
At home, what is best to preserve the battery efficiency:   using the computer with the power plug always on   or   waiting for the battery to be depleted, charging the computer up to 100%, and keep on
  YAY! I really hope it gets true, the current one is a shame. I was the only one who was asking for an improved camera, but I guess if this happen to be true everybody will be praising it. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/157313/is-the-mbpr-webcam-keeping-up-the-comparison-with-the-iphone-5-camera#post_2325768
I mean for real. 
  Excellent, j'approuve.
  Yeah! Caring about product quality when it comes to phones, that's perfectly normal. But for... food??? What a joke. Come on, the cheapest= the best :)))
I also forget to mention the country where the one time usable seed has been created, so that every year farmers got to go back and buy seeds again from Monsanto. Probably the greatest shame of all
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