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Come on guys!
  Out of curiosity, why does your wife need 16GB?
Thank you TS.
Title say it all. When I'm reading a page and wanna make a google search over a term in the text, be it because I do not understand a word for example, I select the word or the entire expression, then I do a right click on it and select "search with google". But since I usually did not finish to read the page, I want the search to open in a new tab, not the same. Chrome does it automatically. How can it be done with safari? I looked up the preference, doesnt seem to be...
I like it gentle. I wanna control my mac with a caress, not a whip. So I always use tap to click for my trackpad. But just like now, the mac come back by itself to the traditional click on a regular basis. Why is so? I don't do anything special. It doesn't happen everyday, but at list once or twice a month. Is my mac not happy with my fingers or what?   I'm on a macbook pro 2011 Mac osX 10.6.8, if anyone got a clue... Thanks.
  Someone to explain me what does he means?
What?? Lyon but not Paris?? Cologne but not Berlin?? Indianapolis but not Washington nor New-York?? Do they have any sense of priority?? I mean, Lyon! The most useless city in France
Why will it not be replaced then? It's a defect from their product!
Seriously? Wtf all of this forum keep praising Apple after sale service!
  Finally, don't you think the Imac is much better now? Come on :)
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