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The fact that you are even attempting to compare the two means you are not a rational individual and I'm not wasting time arguing with people that either don't understand or blatantly ignore facts. 
Considering this is your second post, are you an Apple shill, Apple employee, or Apple stockholder? Actually, I don't really care. The tech press is doing its job, which is raining hell on Apple for releasing a crappy product, which could have been avoided had they just waited longer. What issues goes Google Maps have in comparison? Right, didn't think so.  
Thank you. You've just described the problem with the patent system. If you create a patent for the sole purpose of suing other people instead of making the product yourself, then you deserve to have your patent revoked. Period. End of discussion. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/441/when-patents-attack 
wow I never thought I'd see the day. David Pogue, only second to Gruber for his love of all things Apple has written a scathing review of Maps. Good on him. "In short, Maps is an appalling first release. It may be the most embarrassing, least usable piece of software Apple has ever unleashed. " http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/27/technology/personaltech/apples-new-maps-app-is-upgraded-but-full-of-snags-review.html
Gruber is the KING of Apple Apologists. Hell, he may even be a part of Apple's PR dept he's so bad. He's an arrogant prick who doesn't allow commenting on his site because too many people would embarrass him by calling him out on his BS.  
haha nice find! how do you guys remember all this stuff?? 
Apologists: Their point still stands. Maps is still a mess. You know it. I know it. And the CEO of Apple knows it.  
That Day One comment is a bunch of apologist BS. If the original iPhone was this bad it never would have taken off. So get your head out of the clouds. 
Let's look at the facts: Apple had a year left on their contract with Google. Therefore, they were under no time pressure to get Maps out the door by iOS6. Yet despite Maps not being ready, they deployed it anyway, causing a huge customer backlash which led to the CEO publishing an apology. I'm not the only person that believes Apple did this to get Google out of its OS... http://www.imore.com/yes-ios-6-more-about-apple-new-user-features-thats-okay 
That's all you got? It's common knowledge that Apple had a year left on its contract with Google. Er go, they could have (SHOULD HAVE) worked on Maps for another year. The fact that they put it out early shows that iOS6 was more about Apple than its users. If I'm wrong, then enlighten us as to why. It's not like I'm the only one that thinks this... http://www.imore.com/yes-ios-6-more-about-apple-new-user-features-thats-okay 
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