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I wish they'd move the dock connector to the side.  That way docking would be horizontal by default.  Makes it better for watching video and using your phone as an alarm clock.
(1) As long as the pages are served, who cares? (2) Facebook is more popular than twitter, so I'd guess more. (3) Dvorak is the Andy Rooney of the tech world, minus the dementia.  I may not always agree with his gruff opinions, but that curmudgeon is more often right than not.  
These ads are great.  I'm glad to see they're bringing the humor back.  Their ads haven't been funny since "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC"
Dvorak makes a good point about Twitter lately...   http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407756,00.asp   It's a long way from its roots, and doesn't look like it will recover on its road to obsolescence.   
Exactly.  Gruber pisses me off because he's so cocky about Apple, like he had anything personal to do with their recent success.  I'd love to have a job where I just sit around all day and copy-and-paste other people's work saying I agree or disagree.   I've been here for a few years and realize many of you are long on APPL which is fine.  But the "Apple can do no wrong" attitude that some of you project is as nutty as religious zealotry.  Every platform has its strengths...
You're correct.  Apple and Microsoft are beginning the process of "locking down" the PC.  This will reduce malware and piracy (in theory).  
I felt the way you did until I got a LogiTech Touchpad (similar to Apple's Magic Touchpad).  Now it's almost as good as having a touch screen.   Keep in mind, both of these companies refuse to participate in Apple's App store, so I suspect the real reason these guys are pissed off is because they realize their business model is going to change...  like it or not.  
If the network was set up properly using Mac OS X Server, then all software updates would go to the server for approval by the admin before filtering down to the client machines.   Combing the app store and software updates makes perfect sense since the two have redundant functionality.  
New Posts  All Forums: