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Actually, Google's response was appropriate.  Like it or not, Apologists, but iOS6 was created for Apple, not you.  Google knows what it takes to build decent maps and they know that Apple most likely bit off more than they could chew.   As far as Google submitting an app, don't hold your breath.  Schmidt's response was clear:  You want Google maps? Switch to Android.  
The buying public clearly disagrees with you, since the number of total phones larger than 4-in is greater than the number of iPhones sold. 
I've had Apple swag going all the way back to the //c, so Apple and I go WAY back. The difference between you and me is that (1) I'm not blindly loyal to a platform and (2) I use the brain that I was given. Just because I point out Apple's deficiencies lately doesn't make me a troll or anything else illegitimate. You apologists are either biased by being shareholders or simply blinded by the Apple Religion. Fortunately, I know how to call a spade a spade. Where exactly...
That's all well and good, but like you said yourself, all they have to do is add their own voice-recog software and Siri would be outmatched. This was never about Siri's voice recog abilities, but rather her ability to (1) answer questions correctly the first time (2) and understand Jeopardy-level nuances in the language, which Watson does AMAZINGLY well. 
I'm pretty sure they also gauge failures by all the negative press they are receiving. 
You're honestly not too bright, aren't you? I'll break it down for you, since you obviously need the help.Watson's technology was shown off on Jeopardy because not only does it showcase its technical prowess for finding the correct answers to questions, but it took things a step further by showing it understood CONTEXT. Siri could never answer the tongue-in-cheek type questions you have on jeopardy. She can barely answer normally phrased questions. So what exactly is...
You don't need to move out of the US to see what a beta-level product it is. Penn State's campus? GONE.Bike paths? GONE.Transit directions? GONE.Street view? GONE.And don't bother saying I'm just trolling because these are all things I USED on a regular basis. F Apple for putting it's hatred of Google against the well-being of its customer base. They deserve all the negative press they get for this.I'm starting to think that Tim Cook is too much of a bean counter and too...
I highly doubt anyone with a substantial amount of shares and thus ownership of Apple would be wasting time on this crappy page complaining about Apple's latest blunders.  
First off, Watson's accuracy is much higher than Siri's. Also, Watson's questions were in riddle form. Which means, it had not only had to understand WORDS but CONTEXT. This is where it's WAY smarter than Siri. And it should be considering the number of servers involved.As I recall, Watson beat the human contestants. Siri wouldn't have a chance. 
Oh, I see. You ask for proof and then once you receive said proof, you accuse the person giving the proof of just copying what they read elsewhere. lol. you're a joke. you realize that, right? 
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