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Yeah, this reeks of troll bait. While I'll concede that these ads aren't as brilliant as the I'm a Mac--I'm a PC ads, they effectively show off the phone's new features. Of course, I was one of the few people that liked the Genius ads too. I thought they showed off the fact that Apple offers free assistance and classes to its customers while the competition doesn't. 
I'm pretty sure the "narrator" is Jeff Daniels from the awesome HBO show "The Newsroom"
Did you even bother to watch the engineering marvels that Watson accomplished?  Not only did it answer almost all questions correctly, it understood the context of questions that were basically formed as riddles.  That is fearsome tech that is above and beyond anything close to what Siri can do.   
Right.  OK.  There's nothing wrong with Siri.  And there's nothing wrong with Maps, either. You people live in a fantasy world.  Must be nice.  
I backed up my claims with links that provided proof of said claims.  Are you blind or just mentally deficient?  
It clearly matters when you have incomplete product releases like Siri and Maps. This is a terrible trend. Apple needs to axe Siri and license IBM's Watson. Since that system beat two of Jeopardy's best contestants, I'm sure it can handle any of the lame questions you folks come up with.As far as maps go... when you have 100B in the bank, why not just buy the satellites needed to acquire your own data? Apple is supposed to be about taking risks and controlling the...
Apple has been using that "200 features" line forever. Good luck trying to count all 200. When I look at Apple's own iOS6 What's New Page, I don't see anything near 200 features. http://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/ And since they took features away, shouldn't that actually go against that number? What does "finished" mean? It means releasing a product that has MORE features, not LESS than the previous version. It means releasing a product that actually works and isn't...
NO. Let's talk about it NOW. Let's talk about why iOS6 is more about Apple than it's users.Let's talk about why they keep releasing products that aren't finished. Let's talk about why they have 100B in the bank and give money back to the shareholders, yet spend 1/3 of the money on R&D that Google and Microsoft do. http://www.imore.com/yes-ios-6-more-about-apple-new-user-features-thats-okay Why do any of us care about Google's bottom line? I sure as hell don't. I just...
Why does it seem like Apple can't release anything anymore without something being wrong with it? What happened to quality control?
They're probably stockholders. So they can't help themselves... 
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