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Add me to the list of happy customers. These headphones rock.
Apple pilots innovative "drive-thru" feature in one of its stores.   http://youtu.be/2Aum6wyIoyY?hd=1   As you can see, like Siri, it's still in Beta.
  Seriously?  Why the hell would they do that, especially when music is in their DNA?
I'm running iOS6 GM on an ATT iPhone 4 and can't make FaceTime calls over cellular. If I try, I receive the same error message that you receive in iOS5. I checked all the settings and there's no switch to enable it. Any ideas?
I bought a pair of EarPods. Not sure why since I have Apple's more expensive in-ear headphones. I'll report back my findings.
The passport app is useless right now. When you launch it, it redirects you to the app store, which only shows a blank page.
I'm running the iOS6 GM on my iPhone 4 and it's a major disappointment. It's missing a LOT of features that could run on the hardware but Apple decided to leave out to force people to upgrade. Well, they got their wish. I'm going to upgrade... but not to iPhone 5. I've had it with their bullshit tactics. I'm getting either the Nokia Lumnia 920 or the Samsung ATIV S, both running Windows Phone 8. And hopefully droping AT&T for Tmobile. Can't wait till Xmas!
"Sadly" because I've had every iPhone since the original. I'm not expecting disappointment at all, just acknowledging that change is difficult, even when it's change for the better. 
Sadly, I will not be joining the iPhone 5 party. I'm giving the Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 ecosystem a try for the next 24 months. Everything including my email and cloud services are going to be owned by Microsoft. Should be an interesting experiment...
Street View isn't creepy at all. It's a very helpful technology and unfortunately, despite their work in iOS6, Apple is WAY behind. This article explains all the work that goes into Google's map tiles. The work they do is fascinating. http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/09/how-google-builds-its-maps-and-what-it-means-for-the-future-of-everything/261913/
New Posts  All Forums: