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So I wonder how they test the claim that a dead person's finger wouldn't work...  
I watched the video and I can't figure out how is this tech any different than what Microsoft has with Kinect.   If they produce a TV with this tech, then this could be a pretty decent XBOX competitor, provided that the TV has enough horsepower and graphics to output a decent video game.  Game Center needs a shit ton of work though.  Xbox Live houses it in just about every way.   I'm hoping the TV has CableCard and True2Way support built in so I won't need an...
Not sure why y'all don't get this:  Apple HAS to enter the TV market because their 2 biggest competitors already have.  Google has Google TV and will evolve their Q product to include it.  Xbox let you watch a limited amount of Live TV now with apps, and the next Xbox will have DVR capabilities.  If Apple wants a slice of the content market, they have to act soon.
So let me get this straight...  I can use Skype, Tango, ooVoo, Google Talk, Lync, and a bunch of other video chat programs on my unlimited data plan, but you're going to single out FaceTime, AT&T?   Last straw.  I'm filing a petition with the FCC.  I'm writing my Congressman.  And I'm dumping your ass after the new phones are released.   And I suggest the rest of you do the same.   These CEOs need a bullet to the brain.
You're half-right.  BOTH the patent system AND the legal system are either broken, bought, or both.  Listen to When Patents Attack by This American Life and educate yourself to how screwed up the system is. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/441/when-patents-attack    
Just make every cable channel an APP and be done with it already.
I disagree with this refund, er, "dividend" Apple is paying out when there's plenty of things for them to buy...  Twitter, TomTom, Wolfram Alpha, Watson (for Siri) or building some manufacturing facilities so we can put some Americans back to work.   Not that they'd ever consider this, but they could afford to lower their profit margins a bit, making their technology more accessible and competitive with PC prices.
Did a clean install of ML on a 2007 iMac and I have to say, this is the fastest and most stable my Mac has ever been.  Good job, Apple.
If the carriers try to charge people for FT3G people are gong to lose their shit.  Skype, ooVoo, and others work just fine over 3G and the carriers don't charge for those.
At this point, I know what every part of the new iPhone looks like. What happened to doubling down on security, Tim?
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