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Apple wishes it had Voice Actions.  It kicks the crap out of Apple's offerings in this area,  
They were talented enough to take two seemingly unrelated things (tech and politics) and weave them into one very hilarious sketch.     SMadTV >>>>> SNL  
When I got my first MAC (Money Access Card) card, I saw a future without cash.  And that future was bright.   Looks like we're definitely on our way...
Here, here!  That was perfect.  I'm emailing you a beer.  :)   After being here awhile, I'm starting to learn that they simply can't help themselves...   Many of them are AAPL investors blinded by the kind of elitist greed that's ruining the country...    like the Repubs who believe guns and tax breaks for the 1% and telling people who can marry and who can't is OK and rational behavior.  I've had just about every Apple product since the //c and as much as I love the...
I don't understand what all the hate is about.  Apple needed to get the word out there that their stores have experts that are willing to help and that this experience is unique to Apple.  Everyone who got defensive probably took it personally due to their own inept computer skills.  How else were they supposed to get the word out?
I'm glad Apple is putting its personal vendetta against Google above the welfare of its customers.  Always a good sign of strong leadership.   /S
Whatever they did worked.   Whopper > Big Mac #JustSayn    
It's interesting that Apple partnered with TomTom for turn-by-turn directions.  With the cash in their war chest, and since their last mapping partnership didn't quite work out, they could just bought them outright.
Enough with the G/D tax cuts for people and companies that don't need it!  That's part of the reason for the financial mess this country is in!!
For this strategy to work, they need to make more of their own stuff. In other words, do what Apple is doing.
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